Saturday, November 19, 2005

Who's The Boss?

Metal Boss
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

This metal boss is one of a series on a really high retaining wall in Newtown. I think that they probably connect to tie rods, designed to help stabilise the wall. I like the fact that thought and design that has been put into something so utilitarian. I also like the way the metal has aged and rusted over the decades.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...


I would also bet that's attached to a tie rod. even the usual S-shaped ends to rods are interesting to me... I think I'm a frustrated architect or something. actually, just make that a lazy Miss who couldn't be bothered to do a 6yr degree or however long it is... god, I'd love to work on restoring architectural heritage, wouldn't you?

The Other Andrew said...

Ditto with the frustrated architect thing, although at least you went to art school - which was also on my plans but I never did! :-)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

at least that means you're not jaded by the bunch of wankers they (mostly) are... you are pure! you are unsullied! ;) you are free to create without the constraints of too much bullshittery.

although I must say that in general, TAFE was fabulous and a very different, refreshingly real kettle of fish. if you ever do decide to do a course, do it at TAFE. I'll probably get hung drawn and quartered by someone out there, but Uni is a) expensive and b) a self-indulgent place where you don't actually *learn* anything - at least, not technically. we had people arrive at TAFE to do third year, with a degree under their belts, but who really needed to go back to first year to learn technique. they had just been told that technique stifled creativity.

I'm sorry? if I don't know how to use an enormous, heavy chunk of metal called a printing press worth 10's of thousands of dollars, how can I create anything?

but back to the subject at hand... mmmm.... architecture... ;)