Thursday, November 03, 2005

Perks That Perk

My boss just went out to run a few errands and came back with chocolate bars for the entire office. My poison? A giant King Size one of these. More addictive than crack, I swear. Um hello, diet?


mesquirt said...

Hi TOA, how are you? Good I hope. I'm really sorry I haven't gotten around to writing to you yet, or commenting on your blog since I got back from tour. I have been reading though, and enjoying. I was impressed by your participation in the photo of the Battle of Trafalgar dinner, and very glad, as it would have been a shame after all that hard work, not to show your fabulous cossie!
It was so lovely meeting you on tour, such a lovely day, and it seems so very long ago now! I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am still alive, and that I am posting again, if still somewhat sporadically! Hope that you're well and will try to comment a little more often, Mart

Anonymous said...

TOA, hi saw your blog on Freakgirl. Are you really in Australia? Lucky you your boss brings you candy (and yummy sounding at that) Of course here I sit posting to you and eating my kids Halloween candy.

The Other Andrew said...

Hay Marty! Great to hear from you. I noticed you were blogging again, I've even dropped a comment on two on your blog to that effect. It was really cool meeting you and Lisa too, sorry the tour turned out a bit shitful for you both. It must be nice to be home!

Thanks for the comment on the costume, I got to wear it to Halloween too, so at least I got two wears out of it. :-)

Take care. A.

The Other Andrew said...

Anonymous, I am indeed in Oz. Sydney to be exact. It was nice to be treated to a bit of chocolate, but no good for my resolve to lose weight! :-)

mesquirt said...

Hey TOA, the tour was indeed more shitful than not, but certain moments did more than make up for that. It is grrrrreat to be home. A big part of the problem with us going on tour is that Lisa and I are both real homebodies and love all our little comforts!
I was just going to say that I hadn't received your comments on my blog, but first checked to be sure and there it was! I am a terrible ditz, and, methinks, have to check my blogger comment notification email thingy!
Tee hee, ooh, something that I am sure will appeal to you, Andrew. I will email you it in context in just a minute, but one of my new favourite Latin phrases is, "Ubi dubium ibi Google".
Anyhoo, hope you're having a great Friday morning, and that you have a great weekend. Speak to you soon, Mart.
P.S. What's this with losing weight, I thought the plan was to pile on those pounds and go on the Biggest Loser?!!

The Other Andrew said...

Good point Marty, I forgot about The Biggest Loser. Well, he's just gonna have to love me without the jelly rolls! I've been walking into and home from work almost every day (one hour walk each way), so hopefully that'll go some way to paying for the Cherry Ripe...

I only check my home email 2 or 3 times a week, and yes it is a good idea to check the comment notifications. I sometimes get comments on really old posts!

Talk to you soon.

luscious loulou said...

cherry ripe!! But of course, my big favourite with it's oh so rich dark chocolate and sweet cherry goodness.

Although I can only eat one of the little bars (barely) with all that richness and sweetness. Needs milk.

Tim tams! Arnotts? Do I remember correctly? Biscuitty crunch and chocolately and is good even when found crumpled at the bottom of your bag.

Lucky you, petal. You deserve this treat.

The Other Andrew said...

Loulou, listen to this very carefully.

Tim Tams.
In Dark Chocolate.
With a hint of (of all things) Chili!

So, so good.

Michael said...

Those Tim Tam things do sound good. I loathe chocolate comingling with cherries, though. I suppose we were bound to diverge somewhere, kids.

The Other Andrew said...

I don't even know you anymore, Michael.


The filling in Cherry Ripe isn't just cherry, it's cherry and coconut. The uber sweet centre is offset by the dark chocolate, my only wish is that the chocolate was darker yet. I like chocolate like my moods, dark & bitter.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Cherry Ripes: more chocolate, and yes, even darker please.

arghghlooooarrgh... mmm.

dark choccie tim-tams: making something only at it's zenith when used as a straw, even MORE at it's zenith.

see above.

duane said...

You are so lucky to have the stuff around... we have to go to special import stores!! My absolute favorite thing is a Flake bar... I actually had one yesterday! LOVE THEM!!!

Maybe it isn't a good thing they are around more, otherwise my waist size would probably be expanding even quicker!