Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Chinese Gardens of Friendship: Part III

The last instalment of pictures from my visit to the Chinese Garden of Friendship last Sunday.

Peace Boat Pavilion window, looking towards the Teahouse. Darling Harbour, July 2005.

This Pavilion juts out over the water, where you can sit out on the sunny deck and feed the huge Koi fish, or look out through the side windows towards the Teahouse as here.

The Teahouse balcony. Darling Harbour, July 2005.

Bodhi, Ashley and I sat out on the balcony eating cake, drinking Jasmine Tea, and feeding the sparrows in the late morning sun. Of course the conversation turned to life, the universe and... boys.

The Lenient Jade Pavilion and Lotus Pond, from the Teahouse Balcony, Darling Harbour, July 2005.

The Aquatic Pavilion and gardens entrance, from the Teahouse balcony. Darling Harbour, July 2005.

Sydney city skyline. Darling Harbour, July 2005.

Finally, I like this pic taken from the Teahouse balcony as it gives a clear idea just how close to the city centre the gardens are. The tall thin tower is Centrepoint Tower, right in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

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