Monday, November 13, 2006

Newtown Festival

Sunday was the Newtown Festival, a celebration of all the crazy diversity of my beloved neighbourhood. Aside from the colour of the Festival, the people, the hundreds of cute pooches underfoot, the music, the heat and the dust, one of the highlights for me was the Writers' Tent. I went to a couple of sessions there in the morning, wandered around the Festival for a while, before meeting up with a couple of people from the Newtown Flickr group.

AmberwavesAssembled Throng

Amberwaves of the Newtown Flickr group (left) and some of the assembled crowd (right)

Pretty In PinkRainbows
It was a very hot day, so sun protection was important - and colourful!

Think Pink 2Think Pink 1
Dogs, dogs and more dogs!

It was a fantastic day, even if somewhat hot and draining. Although it looks overcast in some of these pics it was stinking hot, and by early afternoon the Festival was packed and dusty. I love the Festival. Lot's of people come in from other neighbourhoods, but yet it still captures much of what I love about Newtown. Young, old, gay, straight, well dressed and 'feral' all mingling. It's quite commercial these days, but there is still enough creative local colour and community oriented stalls to off-set the commercial flavour.

When the mercury started to soar further in the early afternoon I beat a hasty retreat, and stopped by a pub on my way home to use the loo (the porta-potties at the Festival were beyond gross by afternoon), where I ran into Amanda, Coz and Anti Ob (Rob). A couple of beers in the shade of the pub beer garden was the perfect end to the afternoon.

Good times y'all.


Q - 60's girl said...

Oh i lurve both the umbrellas :)

Jodie Sorrell said...

I love the doggie with the pink ears. Sorry I missed the festival, were the writing seminars good, gooder or best?

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Quin! I've had a favourable reaction to the umbrella pics on Flickr too. It's fun sometimes to spot something that encapsulates the 'feel' of an event, a detail that gives a sense of flavour.

Jodie, he was moving so fast that my other pics of him were all blurred, but what you can't see in the pic is that he had a pink tail and pink "boots" too. So. Camp. His owner and he made a curious pair, little camp dog and cute muscle guy.

alexanderino said...

And, of course, a fellow Flickrite accompanied you for most of the afternoon ...