Friday, November 11, 2005

Rising Tides

So it's late Spring here, but the weather is more like Summer already. Unseasonally warm. It's bringing everyone out in their Summer gear; shorts, tank tops and muscle tee's are everywhere.

So I've been exercising a bit more, sleeping better, having more energy. Also, things are going well, and despite minor wobbles and any impression I might have recently given, I'm in a generally very happy place at the moment.

Some of you may have guessed already where this is heading... yup, let's just say I'm as 'toey' as all get out. Hormones are raging. (To all my friends and acquaintences who now read this blog, I apologise for giving you a mental image that may not want.)

Tonight it looks like a night out with my ex is on the cards. Gay bar. Gay guys. Raging hormones. Do I need to draw anyone a map? Wish me luck.


[Updated: It was a fun night, but suffice to say not what I expected. I was with my ex and two very nice friends of his from work, one straight (but not narrow) guy and a woman who is predominantly gay, but likes to take a walk on the straight side every now and then. Oh, and she towers over me (but who doesn't?) and she's a jelly wrestler. I'm not making this up.

Anyway, by the time we met they had downed a number of alcoholic beverages at a work function, and were on a bit of a mission to down plenty more. By the time we headed to our last destination of the night The Imperial Hotel, one of our number was extremely drunk, so much so that we got thrown out of The Imperial! Oh, the shame. Too drunk at The Imperial, I didn't know there was such a thing?

Long story short, I hung around for a while after they all poured themselves into taxis, still sober of course and not ready for the night to be over at 12.30am, and yes I did partly achieve my objective but with only a demi-satifying quickie. Still, he was a nice guy, it was fun, and there are worse ways to end an evening!]


Michael said...

Map please.

Toey. Hunh.

Bodhi said...

Luck? Hell, I am more than happy to wish you more than luck, I am hoping you go out there and ... ummm ... well, lets just say that it rhymes with luck. M'kay.

And by the way, if that ex be the ever-lovable Mikey, tell him the Unholy Trinity passes on our regards, and give him a big **smooch** from us.

Play nicely. Play hard. Play safe. Have fun!

[Word Verification: hofgf. Ho for good f**k]

The Other Andrew said...

Get ready for a post tomorrow about crushing diappointment!

Michael, given that you're off to NYC for a big gay weekend, I think a map exchange is in the works? Bodes, thanks for the cheer-along. Mikey might not be able to make it yet, so it may not come off, but if it does I'll be giving him your regards.

Michael said...

Yeah, a weekend of me and 5 straight couples. That is so gay only if you're using 'gay' like the young folks around here do.

Good night in the mornin', Mary, if I was THERE for your night on the town, now that would be a gay ol' time.

Have fun and have at it.

Word ver: birduo
Nuf said? (?)

luscious loulou said...

I'm lighting my shrine candles again, petal.

They worked last time for you, I'm sure - just a little bit of a surprising twist after the fact.

I say "Safe Journey" into the land of lovelies. They obviously don't know what they're missing ... so show and tell'em!

word: dstkui (dicks take u in) Hmmmm.

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! I'll get performance anxiety now, I feel like have a cheer squad watching... :-) Thanks for the best wishes, candles etc y'all.

I have a new pick-up line "Hi, would you like to come back to my place because the hopes and dreams of the interweb are riding on me getting laid tonight, so, um..."

Loulou, I love that with the word verification 'ds' is automatically translated as 'dicks'. Hah!

Mike, I know you are but a gay cog in the NYC weekend machine, but hey take out the one cog and that machine could grind to a halt, right? Plus don't forget you have the pinstripe pants, cashmere sweater mojo working for you...

Michael said...

Yes, the cashmere sweater, pinstriped pant homojo, in my case. I never tire of borrowing from 'Will and Grace'.

Hope everything fell into place for you!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I feel like have a cheer squad watching...

I've got my pom-poms and I'm not afraid to use 'em...

go TOA! go TOA! go TOA!

I want (almost) full disclosure tomorrow night. or else ;)

word ver: osxeul

hmmm, I think there's something in that for all of us.

wingedman said...

"toey" huh? It's a YAY for you!

It's unseasonably warm in the northern hemisphere as well. I'm in Taipei at the mo and it's like having rather warm airconditioning on at night.

Word verification: GOTOZ (go to Oz?)

duane said...

It is slowly turning winter here, and I am so glad. I love winter. Summer lasts way TOO long in Atlanta...

The Other Andrew said...

Wingedman, everyone should go to OZ at sometime in their life. If only to seek the Wizard. Next best thing, come Down Under. (Oooh err!)

We're in for a hot Summer down here it would seem, and it's the humidity that kills me. Stupid water vapour. Sring and Autumn are my favourite times of year.