Wednesday, November 16, 2005

5 Things That Made Me Smile On The Way To Work This Morning

  1. Passing my favourite bear.
  2. Watching a young daddy and his son pat a small, friendly dog outside a cafe. I'm not sure who was more delighted, the boy or the dog. There was much squealing and tail wagging.
  3. As I was walking through Chippendale I saw two quite handsome, very 'alternative' and slightly punky looking guys walk out of a terrace house. What I didn't expect was the heartfelt hug and long lingering kiss they shared as I walked past them on the footpath. I turned back to look, and the shorter of the two guys was resting his head on the other's shoulder. Ah, parting is indeed such sweet sorrow.
  4. Flowers everywhere.
  5. Walking behind a short, stocky guy who had amazing calves. I considered following him for a while, but then thought better of it. That's restraint people, take note, it's an infrequent visitor at Chez OA.


Mindy said...

I am so with you on the calves thing. And ankles, must have good ankles on a man.

The Other Andrew said...

I have really big calves, which is one of the good things about being a short guy and doing a lot of walking. Now that I'm walking more I'm starting to get the muscle tone and definition back in them, which is a good thing. When I used to be a shopgirl and spent all day on my feet I had great calves! Now I sit on my arse all day...

My old friend Brendan and I used to often remark 'needs more calf' about guys who were otherwise hot, but sufferers of the skinny leg syndrome.

Bodhi said...

I'm with the others here and at your previous post that the little bear is indeed very cute, but what had me was your description of the two quite handsome, very 'alternative' and slightly punky looking guys and their kiss on the footpath.

Think what could have been if you had captured that moment on film. It could have launched you to photopgraphic frame. You could have been Australia's answer to Robert Doisneau!

That, and, you know, we could have all had a good purve.

Bodhi said...

photopgraphic frame?

OK, in my defence. Photo-p-grafic is a new word. It now exists poeple, feel free to use it in scrabble, and gloat in the extra points it will provide. Yes, you might also be thinking that I meant fame. Well, I will have you know that frame works just as well people.

So there.

Michael said...

It speaks to the mood I'm in, but I was almost moved to tears by #2.

As for calves, mine were so good when I played tennis regularly. Running doesn't serve them as well.

The men sharing a tender and passionate moment is why I absolutely swooned over the Chelsea neighborhood in NYC. No moment so dramatic as yours, but many adorably urban guy couples with their trendy frames and progressive coiffures. Damn. Now I'm almost crying again. Fuck. Am I really back in Ohio?

Bodhi said...

Damn. Now I'm almost crying again

Just remember what Ewan's character said in Moulin Rouge (I watched it again last weekend).

The greatest thing
you'll ever learn
is just to love
and be loved in return.

Ohio or NYC, you are loved sweetness. M'kay?


The Other Andrew said...

#2 was so sweet. I wish you could have heard the squeals of joy on this kid. The puppy was soooo cute, and everytime the puppy started nearer to the kid he would do that great 'run away, run back again' thing kids do when they're so excited that they almost can't cope. It was very cute.

The boys kissing was a real happy accident, right place at the right time. I was quite surprised because they didn't initially ping my gaydar at all. When I looked back and saw the shorter guy resting his head on the other one's shoulder, well I almost burst into tears myself. So tender. (Second thought: new relationship.)

Mike be strong. You may be back in freakin' Ohio, but you can gay it up all you want here! ::kiss::

Michael said...

I think that's part of my malaise...the Australia trip is in jeopardy. The Hebrew parents have decided to spend the winter out West. I could still go it alone, of course. Airfare is presently $2,000, though, and Barcelona/Madrid is $600. Anyone care to meet me halfway? Spain Spain is sehr beautiful in Jan-Feb.

Michael said...

Gee thanks, guys. I'm fine, but being around the folks and then also being around the folks, if you get me, has made a change in me. I really need to be amongst my people.

Sorry for using TOA as gay group therapy.

The Other Andrew said...

Jeebus, that'd be a shame about the Oz trip! :-(

I would say yes to Spain, but I'm committed to Nepal for a course all of November next year and probably can't do both. Getting anywhere from Oz is hella expensive, on account of the distance required.

Spain is up the top of my short list of places I have always wanted to go. Gaudi, Jujol, tapas, Spanish men, Pedro Almodovar... what's not to love!?

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, I like to think of this as a Safe Place. A place where we can support each other, meet each other's emotional needs, make dick jokes, talk about shoes and laugh at Bodhi's grammar.

Michael said...

Those are all good things, even when they are also bad. ;-)

The Other Andrew said...

Like so many things, the badder the better.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

meet each other's emotional needs, make dick jokes, talk about shoes and laugh at Bodhi's grammar.

oooh you dirty boys.

love your work ;)

loved the bit about the puppy, TOA, I love it when children and dogs get excited about each other. it's so pure!

Spain... mmmmmmmm Spain.

and as for calves. agree with Min, need a well-turned ankle to match. but also strong, manly thighs. I must say TMFP(tm) has very satisfyingly manly legs all the way from the top to the bottom. hmmm... or should that be from the bottom to the toes? ;) not sure. but they're very MANLY.

Sunshine said...

Aww - that gave me goosebumps :D

The Other Andrew said...

Speedy, I still have that lovely postcard you sent me from Spain. The one with the beautiful mosaic columns, not by Gaudi but by one of his contemporaries (name escapes me, not Jujol I think...)

Ah, Spain. *sigh*

TMFP - that's an ancronym for your boy isn't it? What does it stand for?

Sunshine, was it mention of my big calves that gave you goosebumps? No? Oh well.

Bodhi said...

M'kay, I just got to my desk after a three hour (I kid you not) boozy Corporate lunch at an upmarket local seafood restaurant entertaining some major brokers. Yah, thats right, the sober and clean, not to mention vegeterian Buddhist, at a seafood restaurant booze-up.

Well, that was .... interesting

Anyhoo ... soooooo ... what did I miss?

Bodhi said...

"Sorry for using TOA as gay group therapy"

Sorry? Hell, I never recieved any memo to say that it had ever stopped being so.

"..and laugh at Bodhi's grammar."
Glad I keep you amused, but Confucious also say "man who can laugh at himself, will forever be amused". Shit, I am amazed that I get anything done. I crack me up!.

The Other Andrew said...

What did you miss?

Oh, you know, nothing. ::snicker::

Bodhi said...

Well thats gotta be true, cause moi was not here.

Wipe that smirk off your face, you not-so-young man. [bitch]


Miss Helen said...

I love the love that is TOA comments, even though I'm a new arrival.
OA, you need to buy that bear a hat, it seems obvious that no one is going to claim the poor fellow, and he needs protection from the sun!

duane said...

I love when people surprise you! I was once in London, and saw these two really hot boys, and they totally shocked me because they were holding hands and kissed each other! So not what I was expecting; yet wonderful! (I had just come out at the time too)

I also love living in ATlanta, because you see all different types of gay men and lesbians everywhere. It is quite refreshing to know you are among fellow company!

The Other Andrew said...

Hey there Miss Helen, thanks for the comment! Maybe some talented knitter out there will make Fence Bear a hat...

Duane, I remember when I was really young and first coming out and as exciting as porn was, what really made a difference was seeing two guys being affectionate. I still really love seeing guys (or girls, lets not be sexist) holding hands in the street or kissing, fortunately you see it a lot around my neighbourhood of Newtown.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

TMFP = The Man From Portland, although as he is at pains to point out, he didn't grow up out there in hicksville, he just lives there...

bit of a dull moniker really. maybe I should call him Mr Manly Thighs? ;)

luscious loulou said...

The head on the shoulder thing always make my little ole heart go pitty-pat. But, tell me why when I see a boy and girl stop in the street and passionately go at it, I want to kick them and say, "Yes. I get it. You're hot for each other. Now take it on inside folks."


I walk with my hand squeezing my guy's butt or leaning over and nipping his neck and laughing but...

Okay, I've dragged one or two of my fellas into secluded areas and done it but... not where I can be seen by the great unwashed!!

You see, Decorum and Dignity are my watchwords.

Really. They are.



The Other Andrew said...

Well, colour me 'surprised'... :-)

I know what you mean, there is a boundary of good taste. I like seeing any couple share 'a moment' but if it's one of those yucky 'rubbing my girlfriend's butt crack' or whatever steps beyond the boundary of good taste, well then EWWW. Regardless of the gender(s) in question.