Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Colour Purple

Purple Flowers
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

I like purple. Purple is good. Purple flowers are pretty.

The End.


Bodhi said...

Dat purple flower looks like a Gerbera 2 me.

The Gerbera Daisy or Gerbera is also known as the Transvaal Daisy, African Daisy, Barberton Daisy, and Rooigousblom (in South Africa, and its more fun if you try and say that in an Afrikaner accent, people). The most common varieties are hybrids of Gerbera jamesonii, pronounced "ger-ber-a jaym-i-so-neye" and G. viridifolia.

I heart Gerbera's. Both of my grandmothers used to have them in their gardens, so seeing them always reminds me of them in a really lovely way. Not to mention a certain ballet-dancin' sweetie (Yo Mar-tay!), sent me a gorgeous bunch of them for my birthday back in August.

Michael said...

Color me purple lovin', too. My grandma (the small, loveable one) had the most beautiful lilac in her backyard. It was a rich purple and highly fragrant. One of my favorite smells to this day.

The Other Andrew said...

Bodes, not a gerbera, these were actually much smaller than gerberas (the power of macro!). They are gerbera-esque though.

Michael, you know it sends a thrill down my spine every time you drop the 'u' from 'colour'! I love hearing about your tiny gra'ma. I bet you were so good with her.

yaniboy said...

"I like purple. Purple is good. Purple flowers are pretty."

You're preaching to the choir here! ;)

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! So it seems. I even joined the 'Passion For Purple' group on Flickr.

I am obsessed by Flickr. It has almost taken over from porn in the 'Can't go to bed. Must. Just. Look. At. One. More. Photo...' :-)

Michael said...

The consensus suggests that it must be on the gene. If loulou likes it too, that'd seal it.

grpwe.....hee.....what could it be shorthanding?

Michael said...

I'm so blatantly American you can hardly stand it, can you?

Yeah, me and granny were quite the pair, if 'pair' allows for one member being half normal human size. She always said she wanted to live long enough to dance at my wedding. She was setting herself up for a fall with that one, eh? And I'm not talking on the dance floor, although, that is what ultimately got her. Sweet as a lil' hummingbird, she, and about the same bone density.

The Other Andrew said...

Awww. She sounds lovely.

My grandma looked like some advertising dude's cliche idea of a granny. Tiny, white haired, round as she was tall (ie very round and not very tall), rosy cheeked. Like one of the gnome grannies from that book, but without the pointed hat.

She was a dressmaker by trade, which is where I get the 'craft gene' from I think. Every day of her adult life (except when dressing upo in her 'best') she wore a 'pinny', an apron with a bib front that pinned in place instead of having a strap top go around the neck. She also had a thick, thick northern English accent, despite living in Australia for 30+ years. I miss her.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

they look like daisies, especially when I looked at the bigger image on flickr.

they actually look like the strange daisies that close at night and open during the day. you can get white ones and purple ones... we had the white ones at my parent's place. happy, innocent flowers.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

so Bodhi is partly right, I just reread his post!

these are smaller, more delicate, and have thinner petals, and the stamens & styles are less raised and prominent. also the stems and foilage are much more like the marguerite daisy.

The Other Andrew said...

These were more daisy sized 'in the flesh'.

luscious loulou said...

If loulou likes it too, that'd seal it.

Fairy circle – gays turning purple overnight ‘Member this one, Michael?

I responded with : Violet, lavender, wisteria, orchid are my favourite colours. Now I’m off to Patagonia’s sale…

Hmmph. I think I might be toooo predictable.
I definitely need to project more mystery.
More intrigue.

Naaaaaah! Where's the fun in that?

We match! ::sigh::

And I have all those plants in my gardens, as many different varieties and fragrances as I can. I shall have to get my photos up on Flickr.

The Other Andrew said...

Loulou, come join the flickrazzi! Much fun to be had, you can link to your friends' pictures and everything, and sometimes you can link to complete strangers like I just have because they're 18 or 24 year old Brazillian scorching hot gorgeousness!

:::sound of stampede:::

Hello, anyone still here?... hello?

Miss Helen said...

We call them African Daisies, but they're different to gerbras, I think. We have a huuuuge shrub of them in our front yard, and they grow where nothing else will(even our sad little kangaroo paw who has been struggling with its life for longer than I!)

The Other Andrew said...

I got a huge bunch of flowers for my birthday last year, and it had the most amazing black kangaroo paw in it. Somewhere I have some photos of the flowers, which from memory turned out a bit grainy and not the best pics, but I was really entranced with the black kangaroo paw especially (plus the really near lotus seed pods).

I think these purple flowers probably are African Daisies.

Bodhi said...

There is a really amazing display of various Kangaroo Paw's as part of the streetscaping near the bottom (Newtown) end of the shops in Booth Street, Annandale. I walk past them just about every day. They are stunning.

I keep meaning to tell Rabbit in case he wanted a picture (for his botanical porn collection), but if you head over to mine sometime soon Andrew than bring ya camera!

PS. By the way Andrew, our friend Marty has posted his 100 Things!

luscious loulou said...

Well, I googled for Kangaroo Paw. I found some really delicate shots with the furry bits in silhouette and dew bedecked… dew bedecked dew bedecked dew bedecked. hmph.


Lovely in form and colours. And kind of like a Bird of Paradise, isn’t it? Yep, it’s glorious and it is stunning but y’know…. unscented.

I mostly go for the whores of the herb & flower world: the little fragrant dahlings. Although I do like a nice lamb’s ear for contrast with its fuzziness and limpness and sage-iness.

The Other Andrew said...

Loulou Kangaroo Paw are a lot smaller than Bird of Paradise, and yes with the hairiness and all... like a lot of Australian native plants they aren't highly scented.

Dew bedecked!