Monday, November 28, 2005

$90 Worth Of Good News

It was check-up time at the Doctor this morning. I heart my doctor very much, but he falls on the expensive side of the fence, hence the title of this post. (Oh ok, I get $59 of that back from Medicare, so it isn't all that bad. I should stop whinging, right?)

Anyhoo. I had been given three months to get my weight down by about 5Kgs, and to get my blood pressure and cholesterol levels down to regular human proportions. So, I failed on the weight score. I've been exercising a lot more, and feel great, but the bitch scales do vex me so. The very good news is that my blood pressure diastolic reading (which was 105, eek!) is down to a more reasonable 83. Still up of course, but much less scary than before. Progress is being made.

I have to have blood tests done tomorrow morning, because today I was a complete doofus and forgot to fast, which hopefully will show an improvement in my cholesterol level as well. In the New Year I might need to have a CT scan of the arteries to see if I'm heading down the same road as my father did (heart disease, angina, strokes, blah de blah) but if my blood pressure is any sort of indication then so far the news seems promising. At least, that's what I'm fixating on. :-)


duane said...

Glad that you are in good health! AND that you are trying to make it better! =o)

Michael said...

PS 83 is a fine diastolic pressure for a man of your...uhh...vintage. I can say that because I'm RIGHT behind you.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks boys!

Right behind me Michael? Ah, so much potential material!

luscious loulou said...

111 over 64!!
..and that's actually rather high 104 over something is not unusual for me.

Boo-yah! Yes. I am basically fabulous, boys.

Good on 'yah, Andrew. 105 was scary. And 5kg - no problem-o - you can still do it. Just do more to build up those fab quads (I love legs so) and watch the weight drop off. You know the bigger muscles/higher metabolism thing. I think that's it, anyway.

Oh wait, your weight might stay the same (cuz of muscle weighing more than fat) but, you'll be lean which is what your doctor wants isn't it?

Lean, mean Andrew the scourge of Newtown. Aaarrrr me hearties.

The Other Andrew said...

I was pretty pleased with 120 over 83, given what it had been. I'm no expert, but I thought 111 over 64 would be a bit low. Is it a case of the lower the better? Does that mean you win? :-)

5kgs should be no problem... but I haven't done too well with that yet. I dropped 16kgs about 3 years ago (and put about 8 back on in the past year - sigh). I haven't really tried that hard to be honest. But I'm on it!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

sweetie your BP is doing great! that's an amazing drop and you should be really happy about it. I wouldn't think you'd want to go much further than about 75 anyway. I think around 120/80 is quite nice. I average 110-120/75-80 and the dear doctor likes that. or does your GP want better?

luscious loulou said...

Of course you're on it, petal. Health must be number one. And you're doing marvellously well and are so conscious of it. I didn't mean to be flip.

And it is just me, always has been, with that low bp and low pulse as well. I'm good in hot climes (staying cool) because of it which is fab and cold weather, well I just pile on the luxurious clobbah.

My mum was 212 over 116 at one point with all her various drugs and medicaments. She felt like she was going to explode. Mineral salts depleted and things going very wonky. It can be very frightening.