Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving #1

Thanksgiving #1
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Sean sports the perfect Thanksgiving t-shirt.

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This pic is from Thanksgiving dinner at my friends Coz & Rob's house last night. It was a nice mild night, although it rained towards the end of the evening, and around 20 or so of us sat down to enjoy a delicious Turkey Day feast. Complete with food fight, natch.

I left earlier than normal this year. After a long day of being on meditation retreat I was pretty tired. Thanks to my arch nemesis City Rail there were no trains running to Coz & Rob's neighbourhood, so when a lift home was offered I jumped at the chance. I'd plonked down $30 for a cab ride, and didn't really feel like doing the same to get home. Call me cheap. Even though I left earlier than normal, I had a great night.


DestructoMeg said...

p.s. can I steal a copy of this pic? heh :)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

it's a goodie, innit? ;)

The Other Andrew said...

Of course! If it's on The Internets it's pretty much free range, 'aint?