Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cup Of Joe

I enjoy a good cup of coffee, and this morning I have had waaaaay too much of it. I didn't leave the office until around 9.30 last night, so getting up and getting moving this morning required just a tad more 'assistance' than ususal.

All that aside, I still can't explain why I find this slideshow of one man's NYC coffee cup collection so oddly compelling though.

I guess I have hidden depths.

[Link via Kottke.]

The All New XenuBox

How much do I love this Tom Cruise Special Edition Xbox? Har!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Theravadan Buddhist monks at the Buddhist Cultural Festival. Darling Harbour, Sydney. January, 2005.

This week's Photo Friday theme is Orange. I took this photo of a group of monks at the Buddhist Cultural Festival back in January of this year, which I wrote about here. I loved the vibrant orange of their robes, so strong in the baking Summer sun, as they gathered for prayer.

I Always Thought 'Cruise' Was A Verb

I wish I could have seen this interview with Dr Cruise on the US Today show, but deep in my heart I know that to have done so would have walked the path of a potential aneurism.

Scientology seems to have spent the megabucks on keeping their image acceptably clean, so how long before he gets too weird for even the Scientologists?

[More lunacy recorded here.]

Monday, June 27, 2005

Can I Have Another Weekend Please?

Jeebus, here it is Monday and I really could use another weekend.

Much of the weekend was hoot-worthy, especially drinkies with Bodhi on Friday night (if you were at the Newtown Hotel on Friday night, we were the two sober guys drinking our own body weight in Diet Cokes and Lemon Squash) and going for a dusk walk through a cemetary with two beautiful and sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs in tow. I also did some volunteer work at the Buddhist centre, ran the bookshop at a workshop on 'Unlocking the Addiction Trap' given by one of our senior nuns, and helped some friends try and sort out the bookkeeping mess they have found themselves in.

None of it was onerous or hard work but it meant I had precious little 'me, sofa & television' time. Sofa, television, I miss you guys. ::sniff::

Friday, June 24, 2005

Karma Is My Friend

I had a really dull entry started yesterday; some waffle about being uninspired, being insanely busy at work and how the most interesting thing I did yesterday was buy some new pants on sale for $39.95 down from $140. I know, riveting.

Anyhoo, yesterday got a hell of a lot more interesting in the late afternoon. This past week or two I have been taking on a lot of extra work and helping pick up the slack with jobs that aren't getting done by other staff at my new work. So yesterday late afternoon my bosses called me into their office, gave me a glowing informal review, took me off probation (I still had another month of my three month probation to go), gave me a choice of three possible promotions and added $10k to my salary, starting next week.

Remember how I was wondering if I could afford to keep the house to myself since my flatmate has moved on? Well, it seems like that problem may be solved. I just need to decide if I want to pay that much rent, or if I use this extra income to party hard be fiscally responsible and pay off my debts.

I know that this entry is as Freakgirl would say "...the sort of self-congratulatory shit disguised as "writing" that I read on some other sites". I own that completely.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm Sparing You, Trust Me

Because I care about you, yes you, I have elected to refrain from jumping onto the left foot bandwagon. It seemed to start innocently enough, and spread like wildfire in all sorts of places.

As I mentioned in point #68 here I have flat and wide feet. That is perhaps sugar coating the true ugliness that is my feet. My feet give depth, breadth and nuance to the term ugly. Oh, and having broken a toe on my left foot earlier this year, then having lost the toenail on that same toe, and then having a new nail start to grow back (still a work in progress) and having said new toenail be sort of ridged and gnarly...

Anyone thrown up a little in their mouth yet?

Of Yoga And The Cost Of Personal Space

Last night's yoga class was a little bit quieter than usual, I guess partly due to it being quite cold last night. Class was fantastic though, everyone seemed really switched on and the teacher seemed to be having a good time as well. All through the class she kept complimenting us (rank beginners all) on our postures and 'alignments', so I guess 4 weeks into the course we are all starting to 'get it'. We started to work on longer flowing sequences last night and also tried different breathing techniques and 'shoulder stands' for the first time.

I'm enjoying yoga so much, it's like all of a sudden I've discovered this great hidden secret. Where have you been all my life?

Walking home afterwards the night air had a definite winter chill to it, and the wind was really cold. The moon was high and full, and beautiful, so even the meagre few stars normally visible in the city night sky were mostly in hiding. It was nice to walk home feeling relaxed, flexible and having that awareness of how different my body feels after a session. Work is rather crazy at present, in the lead up to the end of the financial year on 30th June, so it's also nice to have something that takes you out of your head for a while and shifts the awareness to the body. My challenge now is to develop enough skill and commitment to start a daily yoga practice. It would be great to have that positive feeling on a daily basis, rather than the usual tapestry of back, neck and shoulder pains I normally have.

I'm feeling a little torn at the moment. I haven't gone searching for a new flatmate since my old flatmate moved out a few weeks ago, and I'm loving having the place to myself. The rent really is too steep for me to afford on my own, I'm currently paying more than half my salary in rent and after everyday living costs and bills I don't really have much of anything left for clothes (which I desperately need), replacing my recently lost mobile phone, entertainment or other 'incidentals'. Having the spare room and extra closet though would allow me to de-clutter my disaster area of a bedroom, set up a dedicated space for my meditation practice and yoga, and maybe even set-up my bike on its trainer stand so that I can use it as a stationary exercise bike.

So there are lots of positives to be had from not getting someone in, but given my financial history of the past few years I could really use the increased money from this new job to get ahead financially, if I wasn't paying so much of it in rent. The situation so far isn't all that pressing, so I guess I'll just ride it out for the next few weeks and see what happens. My salary increases by around $80 a week in about a month's time, when my probationary period is up, so maybe it'll be worth waiting and reviewing it then. Of course the sensible thing to do would be to work out a budget. Yeah, right.

The other possible negative to keeping the house to myself is less tangible. Will I get too set in my ways when I only have myself to worry about? I already seem to have wound back my social life over the past 12 months. Could this signal entry into a solitary hermit-like existence? Will I end up as a crazy old guy with 16 cats and newspapers stacked to the ceiling in maze-like formations in every room? OK, I'm allergic to cats and I don't buy newspapers very often, but that could all change.

How much value would you put on personal space?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another Boring Riveting Post About Numbers, And My Ego

Cool, sometime overnight or earlier today I passed 3,000 hits since I added the hit counter earlier this year. It seems like only yesterday (or May 14th to be exact) that I was egoing out on the prospect of 2,000! Sure 3,000 does not make me the God Of The Internets, but jeezalou I loves those nice big round numbers.

Hey if I get big enough I could post one of these entries every month! Every week! Daily! ...and wouldn't that just kill off my readership?!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Save Joey!

The hilarious Mr Sun is fomenting an intervention plan to save Katie. Time to sign up my friends.

A Mighty Fine Cinemascope Weekend

My old friend Kate used to have this cute little routine she would pull (and I of course appropriated as my own), which was that whenever we were out having a fun time she would pause and say "You know, we'll all look back at the end of the day and say we had a lovely time". It was based on something her mother or grandmother used to say, good proper Lutheran ladies all, and the comedy came from affecting the correct prim and proper delivery (especially if the good time we were having involved copious amounts of alcohol in a gay bar). Well this weekend I was able to look back at the end of the weekend and say I had a lovely time. The theme for the weekend? - the movies.

Friday night I went to dinner at a fab little Indian restaurant in Croydon called The Joy of Chennai* with my friends John & Judy. Afterwards we went back to their house to watch the DVD of one of my favourite nerdy films, SkyCaptain & The World Of Tomorrow. Love that film.

Saturday I surfed the net, did laundry, did assorted bits of housework and then headed over to Bodhi's house to hang out and watch DVDs in the new home cinema set-up with him and his daughter Ashley. We watched some films, some Backstreet Boys & Kylie videos (could we be any gayer?) and all crashed about 3am. Rabbit was coming over in the morning so we could all go to the movies, so I crashed the night in the spare room.

As planned, Rabbit came over on Sunday morning and the four of us headed into the city. First stop was a cafe serving coffee and chocolates - yup, I had chocolate for breakfast. Hello sugar rush! After the coffee (not bad) and the chocolates (ok but a bit ordinary and definately a bit over-priced IMHO) we wandered around the shops for a while and had lots of laughs, then headed to the cinemas to see Batman Begins. Loved it! After the movies we headed back to Bodhi's to hang out for a while, Rabbit disappeared to finish an assignment and study for his horticulture course exam, Ashley left for her mum's house and then Bodhi walked me home before he continued on to the Buddhist centre he attends (to run his Sunday evening recovery group). Sunday night consisted of me, my sofa, a pizza, this week's episode of Outback House and an early bedtime.

All in all a lovely weekend.

*I Googled them but found nothing to link to - shocking!

Me, Me, Me... It's All About Meme

Bodhi sent me this meme via email, and because I just can't tire of talking about me, here are my responses:
  • What time did you get up this morning?
    7 am
  • Diamonds or pearls?
    Neither, Kryptonite
  • What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
    Batman Begins, loved it
  • What is your favorite TV show?
    More than one, but probably (and sadly) The Amazing Race
  • What is your middle name?
  • What is your favorite cuisine?
  • What food do you dislike?
    Tripe, I don't eat meat anymore so I guess I could extend this to being 'all meat',
  • What is your favorite crisp/chip flavor?
    Sour cream & chilli or lime & cracked pepper
  • What is your favorite CD at the moment?
    Destroy Rock & Roll by Mylo
  • What is your favorite Song?
    Ack, there's a huge 'short list' for this but one song I will love forever is True Colours by Cyndi Lauper
  • What kind of vehicle do you drive?
    I don't
  • What's your favorite sandwich?
    Tasty cheese & salad with the lot, or a manwich
  • What characteristics do you despise?
    I don't despise anything, but I'm no big fan of cruelty
  • What is your favorite article of clothing?
    G-Star low rise jeans (I'm short, so they fit my torso well without making me look 'high-panted' like many jeans do and they flatter the package make the best of my assets)
  • If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
  • What color is your bathroom?
    Black & white tile, with pale green (almost cream) walls
  • What color pants are you wearing?
    If you mean underpants, khaki hipster trunks, if you mean trousers, blue G-Star jeans
  • Where would you retire?
    Shangri La
  • When is your favorite time of day?
    Morning (before I gave up drinking it used to be Beer O'clock)
  • What is your most memorable birthday?
    2 birthdays are pretty memorable; my 25th which was a breakfast for around 50 people, and my 40th late last year which was held in a cool bar I hired and then completely filled with helium balloons
  • What is the last thing you ate?
    Wholemeal roll with lettuce, roasted vegetables, tasy cheese and basil mayo
  • If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
  • What is your favorite Cartoon Character?
    Foghorn Leghorn
  • What's your favorite flower?
    Tulips or Frangipani
  • What kind of laundry detergent do you use?
    Cold Power with Aloe
  • Do you wish on stars?
    Yes, Paris Hilton
  • What is your shoe size?
    6 1/2 - make no assumptions, I'm hella short and my feet are big for my height (no really)
  • Do you have any pets?
    No, just high maintenance friends
  • Last person you talked to on the phone?
    A customer
  • What did you want to be when you were little?
    Not so little
  • What are you meant to be doing now?
    Eating lunch
  • What do you first notice about someone?
    I hate to admit it, but but the gut reaction of 'cute'/'not cute'
  • What was your favorite toy as a child?
    A fully undressable, but sadly not 'anatomically correct', GI Joe
  • Summer or Winter?
    Neither, Autumn and Spring
  • Hugs or kisses?
    Kisses, preferably with tongues and groping
  • Chocolate or vanilla?
    Chocolate, dark and bitter
  • Living arangements?
    Currently solo, my flatmate just moved out and even though I can barely afford it I'm liking having the space to myself
  • When was the last time you cried?
    Errr, not sure but it would have been at something on tv - I cry fairly easy (you know, especially given how much of a macho man I am) and I'm a sucker for crying along with a happy ending
  • What is under your bed?
    (Haven't I done this before?)
  • How many cities have you lived in?
    2, Adelaide and Sydney
  • Favorite movie of all time?
    I can't name just one; short list would be Wizard of Oz, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig & The Angry Inch - apparently anything camp with a show tune
  • Mountains or beach?
    Mountains, by the beach
  • Full names of your potential kids.
    'Turkey Baster' if it's a boy (after his father) or 'Vegemite Jar' if it's a girl (after her mother)
  • What is your usual bed time?
    An hour after it should be

Friday, June 17, 2005

In Rude Good Health

I've come to the realisation over the past couple of days that I'm feeling good. Good. This isn't any sort of Earth shattering news, but after about a month of starting to get sick, then being sick, then getting better, then not getting better, then actually getting better... well you get the general idea. The thing with a bad chest infection too is that it isn't one of those things that you can just medicate and ignore. You don't sleep, you can't go out in the cold air without a coughing jag, everything starts to ache - it's really quite a miserable experience to go through.

So except for a bit of a residual cough (and some pounds I packed on while I was 'comfort eating') I now feel better. In fact, I don't just feel better - I feel happier, which is the point of this post.

This week I've had a real pep in my step, some vim in my vigour, some errr... well, again you get the idea. Sense of humour has returned, energy levels are on the upswing, hormone levels are raging. I should come with a warning label, I feel that good.

Medical Breakthrough!

Late breaking news; like they said in the song, you gotta have friends. (la, la, la, la, la...)

I love the last sentence:
"Children may be more of a source of negative stress than a friend might be," Ms Giles said.

Amen to that, but Ms Giles, have you met my friends?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

There Is No Theme To This Meme

I stole this meme from Larry at The Love Lemming:

1. When fastening pants, do you button or zip first?:
Suck in, strain, button, then zip. (I wear button fly jeans like 501's or my beloved G-Star low rise jeans much of the time, so it's more like 'button, button, button, button...')

2. What are your two favorite shows that were cancelled?:
Just two? Er, Firefly and Soap jump to mind.

3. What show is your geeky pleasure?:
The Amazing Race, does that classify as geeky enough? Of course, I'm also a big fan of all the various Star Trek franchises, I know that's geeky enough.

4. Favorite band or musician?:
Probably Scissor Sisters or Goldfrapp, at present. Wait 5 minutes and it may change.

5. Do you kiss on the first date?:
Hell YES! I love to kiss. You should always mistrust a man who doesn't like to kiss.

6. Do you believe in ghosts?:
Only when the lights are out; then I'm likely to believe in goblins, ghouls, axe murderers, Klingons... you name it.

7. Have you ever had an unexplainable ghostly experience?:
I was quite creeped out by the energy of some of the parts of the Port Arthur jail, but whether that was my imagination or not is for the jury to decide.

8. Do you kiss tentative, wild, intense, or sweet?:
Yes, yes, yes and yes. All four are important weapons to have in the arsenal.

9. Did you save yourself for marriage, and do you wish you did?:
I didn't even 'save myself' for the end of High School, so next question...

10. Do you sleep with stuffed animals or anything/one else at night?:
Ewww, no on the stuffed toys. Just me, no pyjamas, and sometimes someone else - but I'm such a light sleeper that if there is anyone else in the bed I usually don't get much sleep, if any. If there is someone in the bed, who wants to sleep anyway?

11. What's under your bed?:
A fold-up massage table (disused), a table-top drawing table, swing arm drawing lamp, some boxes of boring old porn stuff.

12. Thunderstorms, cool or scary?:
Very, very cool.

13. 4 Most important things in life?:
Honesty, compassion, kindness, joy, dark chocolate & hot sex.
(...and yes I know it's only supposed to be 4 things, but which of these could you do without?)

14. Favorite and Least Favorite Sounds?:
Laughter (favourite). Whistling or snoring (least favourite).

15. Favorite curse word?:
Toss up between 'shit' or 'fuck', sorry but I'm very Old School in that regard.

16. Have you ever picked up a hitch-hiker, or would you?:
I don't drive. Is that the kind of 'pick up' you meant?

17. Would you take $10 millon for your soul mate and live a life of celibacy?:
Can someone explain this question to me?

18. Would you rather be a trash man or proctologist?:
Professional or amateur? Of course, this is obviously a trick question. Who could choose just one?

19. Which would be worse, bleeding to death or starving to death?:
Bleeding I think. I mean, ewww all that mess versus being fashionably 'Hollywood emaciated'? No contest. (Of course I kid, it's a dumb question but starvation would be horrible.)

Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part... Errr... Part Something

Despite a poor night's sleep last night, I'm feeling pretty bright and cheerfull today. Perhaps in part due to:
  • New underwear. Without delving into 'too much information' lets just say - at last a boxer/brief hybrid with adequate 'support'. I'm all about the snug. Oh, and they flatter your arse - just sayin'.
  • Sunny and warm(ish) winter days. Thanks Global Warming!
  • Scissor Sisters DVD, bought on sale, with lots of cool extras. They seem genuinely grateful for their fans and their success, and quite humbled by it, which frankly is both refreshing and charming. The live concert on the DVD filmed in Brighton, England is excellent. My old flatmate met Jake at a gay bar in my neighbourhood, when they were in town doing promotions, and to all accounts he was hot, friendly and charming.
  • Carter Beats The Devil. I picked this up for $5 on a sale table, and it's a gem of a book. A third of the way into it so far, and loving it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rude Awakenings

Every morning I wake up to the sounds of a local radio station, one which specialises in playing dance, pop and the sort of music the young people listen to. So this morning my alarm went off and as I was lying there collecting my thoughts I started to listen to a girl singing the quite dancey pop song they were playing:
Look at me standing
Here on my own again
Up straight in the sunshine...

A sinking feeling started to wash over me...
No need to run, and hide
It's a wonderful, wonderful life
No need to cry, and hide
It's a wonderful, wonderful life

My next thought, 'Oh no, they DIDN'T! One of my favourite songs of the 80's It's A Wonderful Life by Black, desecrated. I know I sound like I'm being precious, but hear me out.

Now, to comprehend my problem with this version you have to understand that the original was a) sung by a young man who just went by the name 'Black', b) was sung in a slow, low, almost tender manner c) had a beautiful simple backing track and d) the album cover featured a black & white pic of him alone on a rainy street. You see, it was all about the irony. It was like a depressive saying "Oh yeah, life's just great."

And no, I don't know who the new version is by. But she needs a slap.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Birthday You Old Queen

Ack, hellishly busy day today (end of financial year looms) so a very brief re-cap of the Queen's Birthday* long weekend shenanigans:
  • Saturday I spent the entire day at the Buddhist centre (where I'm the bookshop manager) researching new book titles for the bookshop, restocking the shelves and pricing a big bag of jewellery from Nepal for sale. I had to take a huge bag of assorted jewellery, where a cost price and a retail price has been given for the entire bag, then spend the next few hours trying work out a price for each item individually to equal the price set for the bag. All I can say is, there was an Excel spreadsheet involved and very nearly some tears.
  • Sunday I finally got around to doing stuff like pulling weeds and trimming the out of control ficus trees in my courtyard. I filled my 'green waste' recycling bin and then some. Oh, and did I mention the trees are infested with spiders, which I did not want to kill in the process but neither did I want them running up my arms or inside my shirt. .::shudder::.
  • Monday I went to lunch at Mikey's lovely apartment, which is in the Philippe Starck designed 'Yoo Meta' warehouse conversion here in Sydney. There was good food (rocket aka 'arugula' salad with goat's cheese, figs and walnuts followed by fettucine puttanesca), lots of top shelf quality wine had by eveyone else, several babies for the cuddling of and some new people I hadn't met before. Lunch went for 7 hours and was fabulous.

All in all a good and demi-productive weekend.

* Yes, Australia has a national holiday for the Queen's Birthday, because we are good and loyal Commonwealth subjects. Actually most of us don't give a rat's arse about the Queen (count me in, Viva la Republic!), but public holidays are not to be scoffed at.

Katie, You Disappoint Me

From the Department Of 'Colour Me Unsurprised' I give you the revelation that Katie Holmes has a new 'religion'. Contractual obligation, much?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Step Back In Time

I really enjoyed watching the first episode of Outback House last night. The series is another in the 'House' series, where they re-create the living environment, trials and tribulations of a given time and place, and then after a period of training in the history and life-skills of the period a family and/or helpers and domestic staff are left to live out the lifestyle as accurately as possible. In this case it is Australia in 1861 and a family of 5 are the 'owners' of the outback sheep station, with shepherds, station hands, domestic staff, governess etc totalling 16 in all.

I think they made one or two poor choices in the first episode, which I guess is an important part of the point of the series, seeing how well modern people cope with the important decisions required by their circumstances. Mixing the pregnant ewes and the lambs with the rest of the sheep was a poor idea, with the result that they couldn't then move the sheep across country without losing many of the lambs and risking the ewes. Poor Dan the young shepherd was left behind without company, food or water, to try and control the huge mass of sheep while everyone else took off for the homestead. I don't blame him for breaking down in tears of frustration and wanting to resign as shepherd. I think Dan is going to be one of my favourite cast members, and not just because in his 'cast biography' he is open about being gay. (Ok, maybe just a little bit.)

"Outback House", Dan the Shepherd.

I've watched all the other 'house' series previous to this and enjoyed them all pretty much, especially the Edwardian House (known as Manor House in the US), the Frontier House and the 1940' House, although I was less excited by the Regency House Party (which at one point was destined to be the last of the franchise).

Lest I be accused of not being shallow, I have to give a shout out to the casting director of The Edwardian House. The male staff were all extremely cute; young Tristan the Groom and Kenny the 'Hallboy', and the two Footmen Charlie and Rob. Yowza.

"The Edwardian House" staff. Rob & Charlie left, Tristan & Kenny right.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Cabinet Of Curiosities

A little Sunday link-o-rama on a loose theme of things visual:
  • From the 'I can't quite believe my eyes' department Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you the all new revised Jack Osbourne. So visually improved is he that he joins the small ranks of The Unfugged. I draw the line at saying he's cute, but the change is remarkable.
  • Dave Devries is an artist who takes children's line drawings and turns them into full colour, professionally shaded, artworks with spectacular and amusing results. There is a gallery of his finished works at his site The Monster Engine. [Link via Matt at Scrubbles].
  • A fabbo gallery of Chinese postage stamps, curiously in French.
  • A cool collection of 1930's Deep Sea Diving cigarette cards. Although, I can't look at an old fashioned deep sea diving suit and not think of Adam from The Amazing Race whining and whimpering as he bobbed on the surface. TV rots your brain people.
  • Ever asked yourself why a prefectly respectable pretty young woman would collect photos of Electricity Pylons from around the world? No, me neither.

Friday, June 10, 2005

I'll Take 'Made-Up Words' For 10 Points Please

Here's the thing, you see, I like to make up new words for things. I know, odd hobby but I promise you it can be lots of fun. The easiest place to start is with a mash up of two exisiting words which combined make a new (and hopefully amusing) meaning.

Here's a couple I came up with this morning:
N. Perf-you-kopia
The olfactory experience derived from 6 secretaries in one very small elevator.

N. Fill-ay-shee-o
The act of stamp licking.

Anyone care to play?


Russian book, found on the street. Newtown, Sydney, 2004.

I'm a bit late posting this, and just barely scrape in on the deadline, but last Friday's Photo Friday theme is Rare. I found this book sitting against a tree in my street, about 4 doors up from my house, one day. It sat there for a couple of days, and just as I was contemplating taking it someone else beat me to it. I'm not sure what this book is, but I thought it was a pretty rare find for an inner city Sydney street.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My Dog Was Facing Downwards, Kind Of

I started yoga classes Monday a week ago, and I have to admit I'm loving it. Loosely clad hipsters with yoga mat carriers slung over their shoulders are as common as piercings now in my neighbourhood, which kind of put me off a bit. I don't want to ruin my rep as always being years behind the trends.

My teetotal & vegetarian ways, combined with this new interest in yoga, prompted one friend to ask "Are you a lesbian?". Er, no. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Last Monday we worked in pairs and spent a lot of time getting this position right. I, of course, made a bee-line for one of the cuties in the class and spent an inordinate amount of time make sure his hips were nice and high and well aligned.

I'm a giver, people.

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

Things I planned to do this past weekend:
  • Make the house 'new flatmate appealling' by having a major-league spring* clean/tidy of the house and backyard; I'm talking clean-the-tops-of-bookcases, wipe-down-skirtingboards, de-cobweb, trim-the-out-of-control ficus, pull-up-all-the-weeds type thing.
  • Sign-up with a flatmate hunting service, such as Share Space.
  • Watch a few of the DVDs I borrowed from my ex.
  • Go see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith on Saturday Night.

Things I actually acheived this past weekend:
  • Somewhere around 40% of the planned cleaning and 0% of the garden tidying.
  • Go see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (Not bad, but please give Padme something to do, anything.)
  • Watch; 13 episodes + 2hr pilot of Firefly, the movies Rules of Attraction (with and without commentaries), Mystery Men and Yossi & Jagger.

Productive? Errr, not so much.

* Even though its Autumn

Friday, June 03, 2005

"The Other Andrew Is... Hugely Entertaining... The Best Thing On The Internets!"

Gelf Magazine uncovers the truth about the movie blurb racket. Misquotes, statements taken out of context so as to change the meaning, fictional reviewers - all in a day's work in that business we call 'show'.

[Link via]