Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Things About Thursday, 18th October 2012: Creature of Habit Edition

  • I decided today that it was time to revive a good habit I used to have, so since this morning I'm the proud possessor of a tiny, spiral bound, pocket notebook. Mainly it's for a list of books that sound interesting, and websites which have proved (or promised) to be. Should the occasional Grand Idea fall in there too then that would be a good thing. I had one of these that I carried around for years, and slowly filled with interesting author names and book titles I saw reviewed, or heard about, or even saw in a bookshop but had neither the will or lucre to buy at the time. Then whenever I went shopping I would whip it out and have pocket sized inspiration.
  • There is something so gratifying about low tech stationery. Ring bindings. Pages that are feint ruled (and preferably faint ruled, also). Pencil sharpeners. Compasses. Stuff.
  • I bought my usual 10 trip bus pass during my lunchtime wanderings today, and the guy in the ticket booth has developed a new party trick. As soon as he sees me coming he proudly produces my regular pass with a flourish and a ta! da! smile. Kinda sweet, kinda friendly, kinda... akward, especially given that this is the same guy that once shamed me into wasting money on too many single tickets instead of a 10 trip pass.
  • However, for a brief second I've sometimes considered buying some other other odd, probably unusable ticket, just to show I'm not predictable.
  • I am not a person who should have nice things. For the second time in my life I have lost my mobile phone, and both times involving taxis and both times the phone has disappeared without a trace. Thankfully it was only a prepaid, but still this is a particularly crap habit to get into.