Friday, November 04, 2005

Keep Me In Your Prayers


Ok ::shhh:: I have to whisper this ok, so nobody hears. A real cutie pie just showed up in our office for an appointment with my boss; natty suit, expensive (read 'homo') haircut, well scrubbed complexion that speaks of quality skincare... really quite handsome.

OK :::shhhh::: here's the thing, if you have any religion at all, or if you don't just like cross your fingers or make a wish on Paris Hilton's firstborn, or whatever, but I want you to pray that he's here for a job interview. This office needs another 'mo, especially a cute one.

:::shhh::: Ok, thanks. Bye.

[UPDATED: Oh, my people! THE POWER OF PRAYER! His name is Mark, he's English, definately a 'mo, he starts on Monday. Thank you Jeebus, Xenu, Britney, Kylie...]


Bodhi said...

***Nods accordingly***

I understand, perfectly. We of the Church of Kylie Minogue and the Latter Day Homosexuals will indeed pray for you.

In the meantime, ponder on this thought from the Book of Kylie, verse 1 section 1:

"I should be so lucky. Lucky lucky lucky. I should be so lucky, in love".

Something in that for all of us, methinks.

Elder Bodhi

The Other Andrew said...

Elder Bodhi,
He's still in there talking to my boss. The suspense, it's killing me. Keep praying to the Impossible Princess!


luscious loulou said...

::whispers::I'm lighting candles for you, petal.

Scented candles are now flaming at my shrine to sex, love and the pursuit of happiness (which includes really good eating and travel).

I'll wish on the new moon as well for I am pure of heart. ::ends whisper::

luscious loulou said...

My work here is done.



Can't beat that, can you? :P

Congratulations!!!!! This calls for a celebratory drink. Grab him, grab him!


The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Let's just let him start first before I try and jump on him, m'kay. I mean, he deserves a day, or two, right?

(Also, he's so young and cute, in that slightly 'gay party boy' kind of way, that the 'ix' has already set in. Ix? I hear you ask? Ix is the voice that goes, 'nah, out of your league', 'what would he want with an old minger like you?'... you know, IX.)

Bodhi said...

Obviously Kylie tipped the balance. Never underestimate the power of Pop and really cute dancing boys. M'kay

Lets hope you get a chance to make your Mark soon enough ;-)

luscious loulou said...

Oh, don't give me that IX! Don't you dare!

He'd probably love to have a drink and get to know you before he gets into a new and scary job where he knows nobody.

Is it Friday where you are yet? Friday is soooo perfect for a quick drink at the pub.

I am your coach in this. You will buck him up no end! You're a treasure. My candles are still lit.


The Other Andrew said...

The plot thickens.

Apparently my boss just rang his agency and they said a) he doesn't have residency b) he has an Australian 'partner' (note the non-gender-specific-pronoun, read 'boyfriend') and c) they want to screw us for a 'finder's fee' (standard) but they also want us to pay three months of temping rates on top. My boss was going to offer to help sponsor his residency, but the cost of these conditions is unreasonable.

Hmmm, apparently it has put the whole thing in jeopardy.

Bodhi, Loulou, keep praying. I don't care if he's taken, he seems really nice and it would just be nice to have another queer around. You know how we like to stick together...

Michael said...

Blast! It just figures the one night I have to focus on work is the one all you girls are in full flower!

Oh well. It was fun perusing the transcripts. Not like I'd have had that much to add.

Although, I can't be the only one imagining Andrew delivering the classic "Say Bob, do I have any openings that this man might fit?" line in his best Madeline Kahn/Empress Nympho, can I?

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, sweetums, that 'the one night I have to concentrate on work' thing that you did, don't you ever do that again, m'kay. There are important issues at stake here, priorities dude.

Shame there wasn't more than one candidate or I could have gone along and 'checked the line' the way Empress Nympho reviews the troups. "Yes, no, no, no, yes, no, no, yes... wait a minute... YES!! Geez I love that film, so cheesy, so good.

You know you can just drop a pop culture reference and I'll get it, right?

Michael said...

Yep, cuz I'm in you, you're in me.

Now you've gone and made me quote Peter Frampton for chrissake. But you gave me the love, the love that I never had, so....

Mindy said...

So, update - is he there or not?

The Other Andrew said...

Yes he is here. (Man, is he ever cute!) It's still not certain if we can keep him though, because of the wrangling going on with his agency about his residency issues.

Fingers crossed.