Thursday, November 03, 2005


It looks like I might have a replacement flatmate by the start of the year. My old flatmate moved out a few months back, about the time that a raise in my salary meant that keeping the house to myself in the short-term was feasible. Expensive, but feasible.

My last flatmate I found through a share registry type place, and although he was OK, he misrepresented himself a bit. My future flatmate is not only a friend, but someone who actually is easy going and who I trust. He also reads this blog, we actually met and became friends through this blog. It'll reduce my rent and bills to a level that will allow me to save enough money to go and do a month of study at a monastery in Nepal late next year, and also helps him out as he needs to leave where he is currently as the owners are selling.

Sounds like a win/win situation.

[Updated: I decided to excise the comments I made about my ex flatmate in this post, we no longer speak and it isn't really fair for me to vent about him and not allow him the courtesy of defending himself.]


Bodhi said...



luscious loulou said...


How exciting about everything! And the Monastery. Oooh. How pure you are. Me, I'm thinking of a bike tour thru' winecountry and getting laid and smashed.

And hmmm, I think you'll have to watch out for this bodhi bloke cuz I think he might be one of those fellas your parents warned you about. A stirrer. Yep. He's going to stir up your Virgo life alright.

But in a good way. (I'm going to check your horoscope, petal.)


luscious loulou said...

Okay, how's this:

"On October 26th, Jupiter moves to Scorpio and your solar third house, bringing an outward spiral of activity and an expansion through learning, through new business schemes or communications practices.

You may have dealings with wealthy or powerful people. You may discuss money in a new way. You may embark on a course of learning that brings deep knowledge. For some there may be a sexual liaison from the world of your associates. This may be a secret activity or have a powerful influence.
Be careful with important decisions in December, especially mid month. There may be conflicting advice as to what's best or a clash of different schools of thought. You may struggle with when and how to reveal something you're involved with. Advice may clash with instinct. Look before you leap. The way ahead may not be as clear as it seems. Trust your judgement but not till New Year.

Luck may come your way in the twelve months from October 26th. Take a punt."

Luck may come your way!

But what the hell is a punt? Is this a gay thing? :D


Bodhi said...

Now, now Loulou, you got that completely wrong, sweetie. I'm a Leo, surely just a big, sweet, pussycat. Allbeit with expensive jewellery and great taste!

Parents love me, you see. Even Gradparents think that I am truly fab and say things like, "he is a lovely boy".

But the truth is, they should be worried.

Mwhah haa haa har

[Smiles sweetly and innocently]

The Other Andrew said...

Bodes, Leo. Well that explains everything.

Loulou, thank you for your scholarly horoscopial information. I got stuck on the 'sexual liason' bit, everything else became a blur. SEXUAL LIASON! SEXUAL! LIASON! Absolutley my favourite type of liason.

Your comment about wine country, getting laid and smashed, made me laugh out loud.

[Fun with word verication. CRYABAUW. Cry abou'?, fuggedabowdit!

luscious loulou said...

Yeah, bodhi a Leo. Probably one of the purest Leo's, truest to his nature that I've ever encountered. Really. I can hear him roaring and stretching now, King of the Jungle - showmanship, drama, sex & charisma.

"For some there may be a sexual liaison from the world of your associates." Mark. Mark. Mark.

(here's the link:

Well, this time Napa probably & Calistoga. And you know, smashed and laid when I did Hunter Valley if I recall and I kinda don't but I musta. Hah.

The Other Andrew said...

I don't drink alco-mah-hol anymore, but I used to be a major league wine nerd. Did courses innit, and everyfing. I grew up in South Australia, producer of some great, great wines.

If you woke up with a hangover and no knickers, then yes I think your best guess is probably right. :-)

luscious loulou said...

Good on 'yer with the no alcohol. Me, I tend to go in fits and starts. There is a time and place. No Drink Driving. Yeah, I'm sensible that way.

And all I can say about Hangovers (hah! immune) and No Knicks is Thank god there were no cameraphones. I would have been sooooo screwed. :P

The Other Andrew said...

I did a Buddhist practice called 'taking refuge' and when you do this practice you can take some vows (strongly suggested but not mandatory) against killing and against intoxicants (because they destroy mindfullness) amongst others. So, I used it as a good time to give up meat and alcohol, two things I'd been planning to do anyway.

I have a skin condition that flares up with alcohol too, but since I stopped drinking has pretty much disappeared. I missed it a bit in social situations at first, but it's been a year now and it just feels normal.

Ah, camera phones. The bane of people/celebrities 'up to no good' everywhere!

luscious loulou said...

I'm an odd one, petal and have been from a young age.

I was raised in a household of organic and no alcohol, meat, dairy, white flour/sugar, processed food etc. All this from the time I was 18 months old. Imagine the fun I had at birthday parties!

Buddhist/Jewish/Christian all mixed up and celebrated.

So when I reached a certain age, I kind of started sampling things, tasting them if you will, to see how my body and mind dealt with them.

I'm basically back to my roots mostly because of how innately sensible it all really was.

Michael said...

Ooh! Do me! Do me!
I'm a Gemini.
What? Why are you laughing?

The Other Andrew said...

::winks at Loulou:: Miss Thing's a Gemini. Oh, don't get me started!

Michael said...

Gawd, you do tickle me. Miss Thing's a Gemini. Oh Andrew, I'd tumble for ya.

But what? Am I such an astrological cliche?

The Other Andrew said...

Gemini. Two sides of the coin (mmmm, head & tail). Yin & Yang. Darkness & light. Ebony & Ivory.

Somehow I don't think there's anything cliche about you, Mr Mike.

luscious loulou said...

Well, Andrew, petal and Mikey, I've worked up this little thing for you two.

So, kiddies…. How's this?

Fabulous communicator: loves to know the latest and the greatest whether via books, newspapers, TV and turn it back as a delightful story to others. "Listen to me. Listen, you'll like this."
Just loves to be mentally engaged.

Born to flirt.

Born to fly everywhere. He needs to move a lot to release stress. He's ruled by his nervous system.

Modest, meticulous and discriminating with a delicate digestive system. Ah yes.

Wonderful, articulate writers and can say things in letters that he couldn't in person. It's a gift to read his words.

Can handle little things that would drive many others up the wall.

Does worry a lot so it's good when he just putters around doing a variety of tasks. He's also ruled by his nervous system.

Both Geminis and Virgos love, nay need to communicate so... talking during sex is the way to go... Aaaaand.

Virgo read sexy stuff to Gemini.

Gemini - Pounce. (Virgos need the Pounce)