Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Disposition: Still Sunny (Mostly)

Work is kicking my ass and being a thorough bitch today, so apologies on the paucity of posting.

We gave our auditors a mountain of work to go through about three months ago, and now that the deadline is this Friday they have obviously just started to look at it. Consequently I'm getting hourly 'query' emails, which are being followed up with hourly 'have you looked at it, we need it ASAP' emails. I'd like to send back hourly 'you know what? fuck you' emails, but as I am currently of a sunnier disposition, and filled with Buddhist compassion, loving kindness etc I have refrained.

So, think of the fine and dandy, bright and sunny, disposition as a little tarnished today. Just a little. Assholes.


shakester said...

ha! your sunny part sounds pretty sturdy, andrew!

dropped by....nice....

Sunshine said...

I've had to look up the word "paucity". :P This is like word of the day. LOL.

The Other Andrew said...

TOA: Light, frothy, disposable, yet educational!