Friday, November 25, 2005


Is my middle name today.

I haven't gotten a lot of work done, I haven't even found much on The Internets that's all that exciting (stupid 'no porn at work' policy), and even my choice of lunch wasn't all that appetizing. It hasn't been a bad day. I'm not grumpy or anything, in fact I'm feeling fine. I certainly look alright, I'm working the new chisel toed shoes, got my favourite Esprit shirt (white with little blue flowers - makes me feel Laura Ingalls pretty) and some beloved jeans on. Good Hair Day too.

I just don't seem to be able to actually finish anything today.

I did spend a while discovering The Rants & Raves of Terry Johnston aka Mr Otaku, so the day hasn't been a complete waste.

Ah well, the day is drawing to a close work wise anyway... and if I slink out fast enough maybe my boss won't realise that I haven't finished the work I was supposed to. Gah, this whole 'office' thing is positively feudal.

Anyhoo, moving on. My sister is in town from interstate today, on a work related trip, so as soon as work is over I'm meeting up with her for some drinks and dinner. Should be fun. Tomorrow I'm on a meditation retreat all day, and then in the late afternoon I'm mental shifting to the other end of the spectrum and celebrating a slightly belated Down Under version of Thanksgiving with these reprobates (plus a few dozen extras). No, Australians don't have Thanksgiving, but one of the hosts is a genuine Seppo* and invites twenty or so free-loading friends each year. Friends who for once are happy to shut up about US cultural imperialism.

Sunday I'm off to the Art Gallery of NSW with my friend Bodhi to see the Pissarro Exhibition. I quite like the Impressionists, and Pissarro was an early leader of the movement. Should be good.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Seppo friends.

* Seppo, Aussie rhyming slang for American. "Septic tank" = yank.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I heart being a reprobate :)

enjoy the retreat, TOA. one day I'll be getting into meditation, I just know I will. have you ever talked about it with Mr Manly-Thighs*? he did retreats up at that beautiful place in Blackheath many years ago (at least I think it was many years. at least a few years). the one which was on Compass earlier this year if you caught the programme.

* he has no idea about this moniker. what's the best way to tell him? ;)

Michael said...

Your plans sound fab.

PS? LOVE being likened to a shithole.

The Other Andrew said...

Speedy, who wouldn't want to be called 'Manly Thighs'? Oh, unless you're a woman of course.

Mikey, you're welcome.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

well, TOA, that's how I look at it too ;)

oh Michael, don't take it too hard... we can't explain it but it's just what Australians do. too much cockney rhyming slang in our past, and a healthy disrespect for everyone...

actually I have a feeling that particular term popped up during WWII when US troops came to Australian and annoyed the local lads by romancing the local ladies. the troops brought stockings, cigarettes and all the trappings - all the stuff the local boys couldn't afford. it was all very tense, apparently. one of my favourite Australian artists of the time was heavily influenced/obsessed by it all... chicks who ran with the US troops were called Victory Girls.

anyway, it's coming from a culture that call each other bastard as a term of endearment... don't be too upset :)

Michael said...

No sarcasm intended. I was serious. Love it. ;-)

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh! well then... enjoy ;)