Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Next Stop, Cirque du Soliel!

I cashed in one of my birthday presents on Sunday and went to trapeze school.

Yup, you read right. Trapeze. School.

It was challenging, fun, incredible and ultimately exhausting. I can't wait to do it again! I did discover though that the collarbone I fractured last year is operating at somewhere less than 100%, so I'll wait a few months, do some more pushups and strenghtening exercises and then have another go.

I had moments of trepidation as I climbed the ladder to the take-off platform, and even more as I had to lean right out and grab the bar (they have a hold of you by only the safety belt you are wearing). The exhilaration was incredible though, and I was able to ace a few tricks like doing a backflip from the bar into the net.

An hour and a half later I was tired, and had discovered muscles that I didn't know I had, but I was exhilarated and proud of what I had acheived. I don't have a problem with heights, but swinging out on a trapeze bar about 30 feet up in the air makes you face whatever fear you have about not just heights but your ability to undertake something new and physically challenging. I'm very glad I did it.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Cranky, Your Table Is Ready

I'm feeling a mixture of tired and cranky today, with a small shot of angry and a pinch of bitter thrown in.

I know much better than this, I really do, but you know what? Today I'm kind of enjoying it.

Five Things That Will Never Happen

  • Someone will describe me as lanky.
  • I will watch someone bite their nails and it won't send me into paroxisms of irrational internalised rage.
  • I will pay money to voluntarily see a movie with 'Princess' in the title.
  • I will similarly start watching "McLeod's Daughters", and will care very, very deeply about it.
  • One of my Morning Commute Crushes will stare at me first, and for longer.
  • Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    I Got Your Updates Right Here.

    So, cut to a neglectful couple of weeks later and let's see what our hero has been up to:

  • I turned 40. No-one died and the world did not, in fact, end.
  • I got sick with something as lame sounding as an Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. I got me some URTI, baby. Nothing life-ending, but I felt fluey, hot and crabby for nearly a week and had a killer sore throat and swollen glands. It was Not Much Fun.
  • I have lovely friends, who love me lots and show their affection in the best way possible... with really cool birthday gifts.
  • Speaking of which, I picked out my new bicycle (a Giant OCR1 road bike) which is a gift from my ex. I just have to wait 6 weeks for them to get me one in a size extra small! However, I still maintained my dignity in the face of such heartless labelling.
  • I'm in love with all the accessories cycling entails. You can never have too many hats, bags or shoes.
  • I put in a submission to create my own job role at my work, and move out of the mind numbingly boring role I have been doing for two years now. Two years! Why didn't I realise that I have limited time to waste? (see first point, above)
  • I seem to be on a mission to ensure that I am as fat as possible before summer arrives. I just polished off a bag of crisps and a Cherry Ripe for good measure. Urgh.
  • I'm all about Australian Idol. Who is my favourite varies from week to week, one thing is for certain though, little Anthony remains cute as a button.
  • Friday, September 03, 2004

    Bye Bye 'Honest John'!

    This has been doing the rounds of our email at work...


    1. Create a "new folder" on your computer.
    2. Name it "John Howard"
    3. Send it to the recycle bin. (the bin must be empty prior to this step)
    4. Empty the recycle bin.
    5. Your computer will ask you: "Do you really want to get rid of "John Howard"?*
    6. Answer calmly, "Yes," and press the mouse button.
    7. Repeat, as required.

    I guess you could easily substitute "George W Bush" for "John Howard" and it would still be strangely satisfying.

    * Australian Prime Minister, John Howard.