Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Freak Like Me

Freak Like Me
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

A little inspired Newtown grafitti for you. I count myself in this number by the way, fresh air and open spaces are wonderful but give me the crush of humanity to get me veins thrumming.


harry said...

[cue pom poms]
Like, wow!
Like, totally freak me out I mean right on!

(Okay, so that was just a lame word association ecercise with your 'Freak like me' caption.)

The Other Andrew said...

So Harry, you sure, you know, about the 'straight' thing, dude? I mean 'Bring It On'? Dude! You are so gay!


PS. You had me at "ecercise"... whatever that means.

The Other Andrew said...


Um Harry, I'm sorry I called you 'gay' ok? It's fine by me, you know, whatever you like to call yourself. You may well be straight, a straight man who can quote verbatim from 'Bring It On'. You know, I'm sure that's possible, implausable, but possible.

Harry? Harry?

harry said...

I'm here you nerdtastic fool!

"You are so gay!"
Yah, snarly girls getting all attitudinal at each other and then Eliza Dushku puts on a cheerleader outfit. It's pretty much the ultimate gay fantasy. I am so transparent these days.

"ecercise" should be exercise.

The Other Andrew said...

Oh that's right, I keep forgetting there were girls in "Bring It On". See, for me it was all about the big cutie guy who takes one look at the other big cutie guy at the play-offs and Ding! realises he's a big homo.

harry said...

I thought he always was a homo in the film (guess I'll have to see it again and check) - he makes such a joke in the car when they pick up Eliza from her house the first time she

Well handled gay characters with the obvious reference to all the awkward first meeting type scene beloved of teen/coming-of-age romcoms.