Friday, August 31, 2007

Time To Start Catching Up

I've come to the realisation that through inaction (or budget constraints more likely) I have fallen woefully behind with technology. I have an ancient second-hand computer at home. I'm still on dial-up. I don't have an MP3 player of any sort. My VCR and DVD player both threw in the towel recently.

You might as well hand me parchment and a quill to write this blog with, right?

So, I have a plan. It'll be expensive but over the next 6 months I plan to invest in:

  • The black top end MacBook laptop
  • Broadband, preferably some sort of wireless set-up
  • One of the new generation iPods (apparently the line is being revamped at the moment)
  • A DVDR with hard drive

Nice, right? I mean, my balls tingle just at the thought of all those new gadgets. Oh and yes, it also means I'm switching to a Mac from Windows. When I was dating Morgan I used his MacBook when I was over at his house, and came around to the style and function of Macs.

Anyhoo. Aside from buying a new sofa and a few other things for the house, I think the tail end of 2007 and the start of 2008 will Gadget Time. How excitement!

[Updated: I realised that I almost sounded like I was accusing Apple of illegal price fixing, which I'm sure is not the case, so I've amended this entry.]

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thoughts (And Asides)

I've just come back from sitting in the sun for half an hour, eating my caesar salad, and it was so glorious and warm and Summer-like that I had to drag myself back inside. So not fair!

(Oh, and to all you commentors from my previous post, I kept my legs covered of course. I kid with you from a place of love people.)

Hey you know what's fun?! Moving from a weekly to a fortnightly pay cycle, that's what's fun! Because I love a challenge that is. A challenge like, oh let's say stretching a single week's pay over a fortnight! A fortnight that includes my birthday and my sister's birthday. I normally buy myself a gift each year, so it looks like my sister's missing out this time around. I kid! She'll get a card, or something.

(BTW - Send pot noodles and leftovers around a week from now.)

If I look to my immediate right at the desk I'm sitting at today, not my usual one because I'm helping out in another department, there are 3 pairs on novelty Christmas earrings pinned to the pin-up board.

(I guess the adjective 'novelty' is a little reduntant when it comes to describing Christmas earrings, right?)

Well. Oh, tonight I'm excited because "So You Think You Can Dance" starts on tv! And newsflash! there is an Aussie version in production.

(You don't see that as exciting? OK, whatevs.)

Hey APEC leaders, I'm not so hot with the idea of you guys taking over our city and wandering the streets with guns (as apparently some of you want to do) but thanks for the Public Holiday next Friday! Shame we won't be able to actually go anywhere or do anything on account of the chain fences, water cannon, attack dogs and goons with guns. I guess it's the thought that counts, right?

(Tell that to my sister.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Halfway There

Happy, happy, joy, joy. Sock #1 is off the needles beyotches!

Stop looking at the pasty white leg and look at the sock. Otherwise it might burn your retinas. (Hey, it's a trick of the light, plus I'm English and it's the end of Winter, m'kay?)

I'm very happy with it. The yarn has made a lovely, soft fabric and the colour is great. The fit is good, snug but not tight. I might adjust the heel slightly if I use the same pattern again, but it's a tiny adjustment. Next time I'd probably make the sock a bit longer, but I was worried about not having enough yarn for sock #2.

It's been fun and a great learning experience, but it's only the halfway point. Tonight we cast on its mate....

A Fine Romance

The following pics come from a cool site called [some content NSFW], which sells vintage pics and queer memorabilia.

I love this sort of stuff! Who knows if these guys are lovers, friends fooling around, brothers or whatever, but they're sweet pics aren't they?

I kick myself now for not buying it, but I once saw a book in a secondhand shop which was all about depictions of intimate male friendship in Victorian photography. Like the first picture above. I only skimmed the book, but it seemed to infer that these pics were not necessarily romantic or sexual in nature, but something else. I like to hope that they were at least a little romantic.

The other candid amateur snaps are so sweet, and these sorts of pics of guys fooling around or smooching for the camera (sometimes even sans pants) seem to crop up every so often. The pics above are being sold as originals, with evidence of having been stuck in photo albums. Maybe from a brilliant holiday they had together, or in the garden of their first house. Who knows?

I like to think these guys are couples. It connects me to the past somehow, to all the gays and lesbians that have gone before. Laid the groundwork for the improvements in acceptance that we have today, done the hard yards, lived their lives and had fun. Especially had fun.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gettin' Ready

Recently Michael Guy posed the question, and Christopher answered, "Do y’all have a ‘get dressed for the night out’ song"?

I'm a bit late to the party, but here are a couple of sure fire mood enhancing, whizz around the bathroom with a hairbrush in my hand, 'getting ready' songs.

First up an artist I am evangelical about. The look! The sound! The creativity! The attitude! Ladies and ladies I give you ex Moloko songstress, now solo artiste, Roisin Murphy with a song from her 2005 solo effort - "If We're In Love"...

If screeching out "When will we be lovers?" doesn't get you in the mood for a night out, well I don't know what will. Plus, hands up who doesn't want that sequined dress?! Anyone? I don't want to wear it, you know, just have it. Unless it fit.

Next up, and oh snap! coincidentally in a similar vein of lookin' for love (or a reasonable facsimilie of) I give you a song by a gay man who lives in my neighbourhood, who I have been introduced to and is as sweet and pleasant as you'd hope your musical crushes to be, and who makes an excellent Amateur Unisex Strip Show grand final judge, Mr Paul Mac. The 2001 release "Just The Thing That I Need" by Paul Mac feat. Peta Morris...

"I could love you forever tonight." Who hasn't thought that, right? "You're just the thing that I need, just to fill the space he left here." On that, don't even start girlfriend.

This is just 2 of my long list of getting ready songs. So I take a while in the bathroom. Don't be judging, it takes time to look like this.

So, to kick this along, care to post your song choices in the comments?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Short Guy Fantasy #146

Pardon me while indulge in a little 'pocket rocket' spit roast fantasy.

Aussie garden designer Jamie Durie (left) & interior designer Nate Berkus (right) on Oprah, from this old news story.

Can you even imagine? I mean, I've seen Jamie in person and he only clocks in at around my height, and he really is very handsome up close. Nate is teh hotness imho, and according to at least one Apartment Therapy blog commentor who saw him up close and personal may be short and have no ass, but is packing some sort of serious heat in those jeans.

I think I need a lie down.

Monday Morning

Hey chickens! I hope everyone reading this had a nice weekend, or if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, well, score! because it's only Sunday.

I had a fairly quiet weekend, which had been right at the top of my agenda marked Plans For The Weekend. I spent a lot of Saturday doing housework with the stereo set to LOUD, the big jobs like thoroughly cleaning the bathroom, which I must admit had been at the bottom of my agenda. Hey, neccessary evil right? And evil must be held at bay.

I caught up on some sweet blessed sleep, did heaps of laundry, packed up some clothes to give to charity. (In all honesty I'm never going to wear that party boy black lace shirt again, now matter how hard I wish to be twenty-something.) Not rivetting material for a blog post, but satisfying on a personal level.

Yesterday was gloriously bright, warm and sunny so I went off to knitting at The Courthouse Hotel with a pep in my step. The beer garden was packed, but I finally scored a nice large table. Ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine tries to keep a row of seats at the cinema? Growing increasingly frantic with every person she has to say "these seats are taken!" to? Well, pretty much. I always did kind of relate to Elaine the most on that show anyway.

So, after 45 minutes of that and not another knitter in sight I decided it was officially Not Happening, and went for a walk in the sun instead. About an hour later I ran into my old friend Brendan, who I've known for nearly 30 years now, and his partner Grant. A coffee, and then two beers, later and I headed home having rescued the afternoon. Nice. A bit of early evening tv and then into bed at 9.30 to read and have an early night.

Monday just always rolls around too soon.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sun's In Your Eyes, The Wind Is In Your Hair.

Those emo kids might think they've cornered the market in bittersweet melancholy but 20 years ago Black (aka Colin Vearncombe) was crafting a lush, beautiful, bittersweet gem by the name of "It's A Wonderful Life".

(And no, don't even mention that dance cover version from some years back! Talk about rob the song of its irony and meaning. The first time I saw a video clip of it I screamed and nearly threw a shoe at the television set.)

Anyhoo, back to the behaviour of sane people. I love this song. I have the album on vinyl somewhere, but haven't played it in many years (and don't even have a turntable anymore). I really should get around to buying this on cd sometime if I can, but in the meantime we can still enjoy it courtesy of YouTube.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Down Time

I've had one constant stream of late nights this week, some from nights out and some from endless hours of porn searching on the internet um, staying up late on the computer. I'm feeling kind of bushed right now. Pooped. That, and a bit liverish from the past few nights of alcohol consumption.

I think I might clear the decks a bit this weekend. Take it easy. Knit. Do some stuff around the house. Pack up some dead wardrobe and take it to Goodwill. Maybe shampoo the living room rug. You know, live a little! I'm in 2 minds whether to go to the 50's Fair on Sunday again this year, although as I proved last year it is a fabulous photo opportunity...

I might take a wander around the NSW Art Gallery, or maybe visit the Museum. I read in the papers recently that visiting art galleries is good for your health. Something about the calm and the beauty, and the release of stress that most people feel, having a beneficial affect on blood pressure and so forth. (Yet they completely miss the fact that it's also a great opportunity for cruising.) I could probably use some calm and beauty, it's been a tough week. Stressfull and with a few emotional ups and downs.

Maybe I could use some cruising too.

We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off

Last night was the Unisex Amateur Strip Night that I mentioned yesterday. James and I met up for dinner at a local Vietnamese restaurant first, and then met Mark and Mikey (the lovely ex) at the Newtown Hotel around show time. It was only a weekly heat this time around, and frankly the turn out was a little disappointing. One actual contestant, and one member of the bar staff who they obviously convinced to get up and compete as well, so that they had a competition of sorts. This time there were no judges, just audience cheers to pick the winner.

Colin the barman won! The other guy was really crap!

It was a fun show though. There were 3 professional strip acts also; a very funny comedy strip routine by a woman in a full 'drag' body stocking suit complete with fun fur pubes and pits, a lovely burlesque style number by the current title holder of Miss Nude New South Wales, and a classic male stripper of the long haired 'hen's night' style (who was a bit dull). In addition, every week they give $50 to a punter from the audience to get up and strip, and this time around it was a skinny young chap with more nerve than body fat who got up and did the deed. (Oh and Therin, his only jewellery was a Star Trek communicator badge!) One lesson hard learnt, take your shoes off before dropping your pants on stage. Note to self!

So it was a fun night. So crowded that you felt like new intimacies were being forged with total strangers, even though all they were trying to do was get to the bar. Is that your groin or mine, good sir? The beer flowed. We had some good laughs. James and I had a lovely dinner beforehand. The only slight negative being the lack of competitors. I might wait a few weeks and go to the Grand Final next, which promises to be even more entertaining.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mourne, Eve & Dawn

The Kransky Sisters! Imagine a trio of spinster Munster siblings formed a girl group, picked up a tuba, a musical saw, an old casio keyboard and sundry pots & lids from the kitchen, and proceeded to do unique versions of everything from AC-DC to The Sugababes.

I've written about the Kransky Sisters before, but now they have their own home on the web. Yay! Unfortunately The Man has cut off my YouTube access here at The Big Christian Charity otherwise I'd link direct, but if you go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page there are heaps of links to their clips on YouTube.

Watch. Laugh. Be afraid a tiny bit.

Strip For Me Babe, Strip For You

It's that time again! Amateur Unisex Strip Contest time! (And frankly if it's good enough for the leader of the opposition, it's good enough for me. Strippers and strip clubs are so hot right now!)

Back in March James Charles O'Brien and I attended the Grand Final of the Newtown Hotel's Amateur Unisex Strip Contest. A night that included lots of beer, some very pretty (and some very scary) visuals, hilarity by the bucketfull and a next day hangover of crushing proportions. Fun!! Tonight is only one of the heats and not the Grand Final, so I'm anticipating a mixed bag of performers with the emphasis on amateur.

For balance, check out James's take on the evening back in March, when he even managed a few shaky photos from his mobile phone.

I'm looking forward to it. I've had a week so far of stress, frustration and even some anger. I made a few aborted attempts at writing some blog entries yesterday but they all seemed flat, and like I was pasting a thin cover over a seething pit of vitriol. Nice, right? I think some uncomplicated fun is prescribed. And if it involves some mostly naked guys, more's the better!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Headline Of The Year

"Dwarf's penis gets stuck to vacuum cleaner"

I feel bad for the guy involved but that's some awesome headline, right?

Ofra Haza

I was Googling my way around Das Internetz yesterday, searching for info on some of the disco divas I'd been listening to on Sunday night, when I found the Disco Museum.

I know this sounds a bit morbid, but I was trawling my way through the Disco Mausoleum section reading all the obituaries of performers and producers who had gone to that great big dance hall in the sky. (One thing that becomes immediately clear is the affect that AIDS had on the music industry, so many young people cut down in their prime!) I was scrolling through when I was surprised to find an obituary for Ofra Haza.

I never knew much about her, but was intrigued by her after hearing her traditional Yemeni vocals sampled on a number of '80s dance tracks, most famously on Erik B & Rakim's house track "Paid In Full" and then on "Pump Up The Volume". She reached a sort of cult status in the '80s, especially in the UK dance scene. I didn't realise that she had also perfomed on Eurovision in 1983.

It seems she passed away in 2000 at the age of 41. Obituaries in her homeland stated that she and her family refused to disclose the nature of her disease, only saying that she had died of massive organ failure. However other sources say she died from complications related to AIDS. So sad, I'm sure that her story is a complicated and fascinating one.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jared Flood Is A Frickin' Genius

Seriously. Seriously. I think this is absolutely gorgeous. Now I'm thinking I really, really need to try knitting it immediately.

5 Things About The Weekend That Was

  1. There may well be a God(dess) after all. Some sort of deity had a hand in creating the Ricotta Hotcakes with berries and maple syrup I had on Saturday afternoon whilst knitting at cafe Barmuda. Did someone just ring a bell? ::salivate::
  2. The Sunday night music at The Newtown Hotel was all retro and awesome in it's awesomeness. I mean, I Can't Stand The Rain by Eruption/Precious Wilson? "Lady Bump" by Penny McLean? (That is the Silver Convention Penny McLean, naturalmente.) So. Fabulous.
  3. You know you're in the company of men of a certain age when you look around the room and see lips moving in time with a 30 year old pop song. And yes James Charles O'Brien that includes you.
  4. Speaking of rain, and the hating of which, sneakers are not a sensible choice of footwear when it has been raining for like 2 days straight, as I discovered last night. Note to self.
  5. If someone gives you a birthday present two and a bit weeks before your birthday, does that entitle you to start celebrating from that point onwards? It does, right? I mean, it's all me, me, me, me, me anyway, but now there's gifts too, right? My sweet friend Sarah popped in yesterday afternoon and gave me two fantastic knitting books of men's knitwear, Knitting With Balls and Men Who Knit And The Dogs Who Love Them. Score!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sandra Backlund

I remember seeing the work of Sandra Backlund a while back, but then was reminded again of her amazing sculptural fashion when Thombeau recently created this post. I love Backlund's work. I love her take on traditional craft, used in unexpected and sculptural ways.

In her own words:
"The handicraft process and the handmade feeling is very significant. I am interested in almost every traditional handicraft technique. For me it is the absolute challenge. All the levels of skills you have to pass before you can even think about starting to improvise. It is the real thing and everything that the modern fashion industry is not. I think it is important that we take responsibility and preserve ancient handicraft techniques which will die out if we do not carry them forward to a new level."

She knits and crochets pieces, sometimes quite small pieces, which are then manipulated and assembled into garments. Garments that are more like sculptures in fibre really.

Not the sort of thing you'd wear for popping down the shops, but I don't think that's the point really. She's crossing the line between craft and art, between fashion and sculpture, and all the while subverting expectations of 'domestic' crafts like knitting, crochet and macrame.

I love it. I love the fact too that there are plenty of non-professional crafters out there also pushing the boundaries and expectations of traditional craft. Maybe not in this dramatic style, but you just have to cruise through craft or knitting sites to see that people are experimenting and creating amazing things.

I like what Backlund has to say about learning the ropes first, and that's kind of where I feel I am. What I can't wait for is to master the needles enough to really let my imagination take flight. And in that regard I think people like Backlund serve to inspire.

[All images from the Sandra Backlund website.]

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Writer's Block

Oh my sweet Jeebus you guys. I've dried. Gone up, as we theatricals are won't to say. For the first time in about three years I cannot think of a thing to write. Weird.

So, ask me a question. Make a suggestion. Call me names. Correct my grammar. Anything just to give me something to sink my teeth into. I'm begging.


Yaniboy asked me what I'm reading. Like much of the world, I'm reading "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows". It's taking me longer than normal because of my severely reduced morning commute time these days. I'm enjoying it, although I do think the book dragged and got aimless through the middle. Things are picking up now and it's getting interesting now that I'm about 100 pages from the end. I find all the HP books an enjoyable read, but I wouldn't call myself a huge fan. I think the movies are really well done though. (And the fact that Mr Radcliffe is turning into a handsome young man just helps really.)


File this under Things Most Excellent, Mikey (the lovely ex) shared the news that fresh from his success as Mrs Hedwig Robinson, iOTA is taking on my other favourite trannie. Yay! So far the production starring Daniel Arbineri has been my favourite live version, but I'm such a fan of iOTA's stage work that I'm really looking forward to seeing this.


Lara asked "Who would you cast as Brad?" in this new stage production of Rocky Horror. Hmmm, hard one. In keeping with the local cast it would have to be a local boy, and my knowledge of local musical theatre actor/singers is not that great. Ah, the only name that jumps to mind is Tim Draxl, but to be honest I think it would be a piece of misscasting on my behalf. He jumps to mind because he's a good actor, has a lovely singing voice and then there's always this:

Tim Draxl (left)

Well he has to look good in y-fronts, right?


arj expressed her theory that everyone here is either hibernating or migrating [given that it's late winter here], and asked which I would do and what it would be like. I choose migration. It would involve somewhere with temps around 30C, cocktails involving lots of crushed lime, several helpful and accomodating cabana/pool/roomservice delivery boys, massage oils and facials (of several kinds).


Jason joined the party late to say that he wants more Eric Balfour. Honey, WE ALL DO. (I'll keep looking.)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday. Mittwoch. Hump Day.

I'm taking a moment to celebrate the half way point. Feels good to be cresting the rise, doesn't it?

It feels kinda:

[Photo via the moist and lovely wetcircuit]

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Start Where You Are

And I guess where you are, is here. Right?

Start Where You Are
Mystery post-it note. Fence post, Newtown.

I wish the here of today was a there instead though. If you know what I mean.

I had a spectacularly bad night's sleep last night; too hot, too cold, too something. (Ironically after watching a documentary about insomnia and sleep deprivation. This universe of ours, it does love the irony, right?) I've battled sleep problems for years, but I'm pleased to say that my sleep is much better these days and that last night was more of an aberration.

So I'm tired, headachey, dull witted and Captain Grumpy Pants today. I've been waiting all morning for this to pass and for the Blog Muse to whisper in my ear... and waiting... Somewhat unsuccesfully.

What this did make me think of though was this photo I took on the weekend. I don't know what the post-it was referring to, but I thought it kind of made sense on a practical and philosophical level. I can dream all I want to about not being tired, about sitting poolside with Eric Balfour in speedos, about not being at my desk.

But ultimately, the only place we can start is 'here' rather than 'there'. We do get to choose the destination though, and I like that idea.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I just had to take a pic of this cute hair slide in Bex's cool rocker chick hair, while we were sitting at the pub knitting on a beautiful sunny afternoon yesterday.

Bex, Knitting

This is a woman with a great personal style and I'm really happy that we've become friends, she's an absolute sweetheart!

Experiments In Macro

On Saturday I had a play around at making a home macro photography set up with one of those ubiquitous translucent plastic storage tubs, a piece of heavyweight white cartridge paper and a couple of bulldog clips.

Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed Jo Sharp Classic DK
[click the pics to see them bigger]

The bulldog clips were just for my nipples, you know, to make the experience more fun.

Of course I kid! Such a kidder! I tipped the box up on its side, cut a piece of heavy paper to line the bottom and back of the box in a smooth curve (to avoid any sort of horizon line) and held the paper in place with the nipple clamps. I mean bulldog clips. Then I was able to take it outside and shoot with diffused natural light.

OK, what I should have done is take a photo of the set-up but I was too distracted by the bulldog clips.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


A couple of days ago I mentioned in this entry that Graeme had told me about an old photo of me from 1984 that I didn't know existed. He kindly sent me a copy, so here 'tis:

Frida and me. ABBA convention, Narwee Boys' High School, 1984.

I'm around 20 years of age in this photo. Still living in Adelaide, and visiting Sydney to see Graeme, and to stay with my friend Karen. I'd been working for a few years already at this point and living away from home, and was enjoying having my independence. Spending money on going to nightclubs, buying records and clothes. If I remember the timing right, this is about 6 months before I'd meet Gary, the dashing Welshman who'd be my boyfriend for nearly two years.

Man, I'm slim, but that tie is even skinnier! Check it out. I loved that tie. It was super soft grey leather and I wore that thing (and its yellow leather cousin) until the New Wave started to crash upon the shore. Pushed up sleeves, probably some skinny jeans, and I'd place a bet that I'm wearing my favourite black suede 'winklepicker' pointed toe shoes (with the diagonal zips across the instep). Cutting edge!

Actually I had a thing about ties back then. I used to wear all my Dad's old ones from the '60s, and was really into buying vintage ones (bowties included) from Op Shops. I used to buy a lot of vintage clothes back then and would raid my Dad's wardrobe for old stuff he never wore anymore. Wow, I'd forgotten about that.

I don't look all that different, although either my ears have shrunk in the years since or my head has grown. I see why Graeme once said to me back then that I "looked like a Volkswagon with the doors open", after a somewhat unfortunate crewcut. A few more lines of course. Some whiskers.

I look at this, and even though 1984 seems like a long distant land, I still see me. I wish I could talk to the me in this photo. I'd warn myself about that crewcut, for starters.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Oh my gawd. I finally got to the head of the queue and received my invite to join the knitting community website Ravelry. (As of writing there are about 15,000 people still in the queue!)

So much yarn. So many projects. So much fabulousness...

Guytastic Friday

With sincere apologies to those of you not so into the boys, but here's some pretty for the rest of us!

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, just because.

My Eyes! My Eyes!

Steel your resolve, take a deep breath, and then cover your eyes so you're only peeking out through your fingers (horror movie style)... then take a look at this.

You're welcome!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sliding Doors

[This post is brought to you by my friend Graeme. Oh sure, it's me writing it, but after a long conversation last night Graeme said "You have to write about this." Hey, who am I to be disobedient, right?]

I had drinks last night with the regular Wednesday irregulars. Aside from Graeme, who I have known for (sweet Jebus!) around 20 years or so, I've only known everyone else for a fairly short time. Mostly we only ever see each other at Wednesday night drinks, but I really enjoy everyone's company. We sit, we have some drinks, we flirt with the cute young bar manager, we talk about anything and everything, and we laugh. Lots of laughter.

Last night, as the night wore on, talk turned to how Graeme and I met. Graeme and I met back in my home town (and his) of Adelaide, after Graeme had already moved to Sydney to live but was paying a visit home to see his folks. We were both really attracted to each other, and it seemed like maybe we could have become boyfriends. In fact it seemed like that's where things were heading for a while.

But there was a disconnect. An incompatibility and a hang-up that got in the way. At the time I didn't understand it. Neither of us had the life experience or skills to be able to articulate the issue, so we never did become boyfriends. Instead I have a friend of 20+ years who I love dearly, which is a fantastic outcome.

What we got to talking about though were the 'what ifs', and that's where the title of this entry comes in. Like the film Sliding Doors, where a missed train has a dramatic outcome, we talked about what might have happened in the 20 years since we met if circumstances had been different. It's an interesting question, and not one that has an answer.

Graeme has become someone who is very articulate and open about his feelings, and he was talking about that time, what went through his head, what might have been if things had worked out differently, and also painted a snapshot of me through his eyes when I was in my very early twenties. (In fact he unearthed a photo recently from back then, which he has promised to email me, and I'll post here when I get it for a bit of fun.)

It's always an interesting and educational experience to see yourself through someone else's eyes. Also, Graeme has an incredible memory and is able to remember details of things I had forgotten. It was almost like having a mirror held up to myself that showed a version of me from way back then. None of us would be the people we are today if things had worked out differently, if we hadn't missed the train so to speak. The journey from who I was then to who I am now would have been very different, and so would the destination I suspect.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Thought Provoking

Ever since he played Claire's bad boy boyfriend in "Six Feet Under" I've had... shall we call it a thing... for Eric Balfour.

So handsome. Some people really hit the jackpot in the genetic lottery, you know? His exotic looks come from a combination of Russian, French and Native American ancestry, according to his Wikipedia entry.

And such a lovely physique...

Apparently he even flashes a hard-on in the otherwise forgettable film Lie With Me. I think I need to go lie down myself, I'm feeling light headed all of a sudden.

Audio Torture

I'm sitting in a different office today, helping out another department while one of their staff takes compassionate leave. I'm sitting on the other side of a partition from the Loudest Person In The Building. A woman who means well but is one of those loud hearty types with a voice that carries right to the other end of the building. As if that isn't bad enough, she has the 'On Hold' music here at The Big Christian Charity playing on speaker. Sort of soft rock/country channel that just makes me want to jam something sharp in my ears. Both ears.

Oh, except for the brief 3 minutes or so when they played "These Boots Were Made For Walking" by Nancy Sinatra.

I think it might be a long day.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Congratulations iOTA!

From today's Sydney Morning Herald:
"As predicted, the powerhouse performer iOTA won best male actor in a musical for Hedwig and the Angry Inch. He beat Hugh Jackman in The Boy from Oz, Tony Sheldon in Priscilla Queen of the Desert and David Harris in Miss Saigon."

If you've been hanging around this 'hood for a while, you might recall that I saw iOTA perform as Hedwig once, twice, three times (a lady). To say he was brilliant would be selling it short. He provided me with three of the best nights I've had in a theatre.

So I'm very happy to hear that he received the Helpman Award for best male performance. I haven't seen any of the other performances, but I can't imagine anyone else holding a show on their own with that level of energy and connection with the audience. (Hedwig on stage is almost a fabulous form of hard rock monologue.) The Helpmann Award is quite prestigious in Oz, and seeks to "recognise distinguished artistic achievement and excellence in the many disciplines of Australia's vibrant live performance sectors, including musical theatre, contemporary music, comedy, opera, classical music, dance and physical theatre".

Excellence recognised, indeed!

Pyrmont Growers' Market

[Sorry for my absence yesterday. I was away from the computron all day, so I'll be doing some catching up today with entries about my weekend. Lots of pics!]

Last Saturday was the first Saturday of a new month, so it was time for the monthly growers' market down at Pyrmont. My friend Judy and her son John have been regulars at the markets for years, and last month popped my cherry with the whole growers' market experience. I was interested to check it out after reading the 'local foods' movement book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" back in June.

The setting for the markets is fantastic, right by the harbour's edge at Pyrmont. (For my overseas readers, that's Sydney Harbour but around the other side of the Harbour Bridge from the Sydney Opera House. Capito?) We make a very early start of it, so the sun has just risen when we get there. It's a lovely thing to do on a crisp early Saturday morning. (Almost as lovely as a sleep in - I kid! Such a kidder!) The markets are very popular, and so the value in getting there early means you don't have to fight to get to the stalls, and you have the pick of the offerings. Plus it's a nice atmosphere. The growers have just set up, and are gearing up for the day, are available and willing to chat, and there's a certain comraderie and bonhomie in the air. Along with the smell of coffee and a thousand different foods.

Dawn Seagull Pyrmont Growers' Market
Dawn seagull with bollard (left). Judy, random shopper & John (right).
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Pyrmont Growers' Market Orchids In The Early Morning Light
Seating at the markets (left). Beautiful orchids for sale (right).
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There are plenty of good fruit and vegetables on offer, but the markets really tend more towards the gourmet end of things with lots of poultry and game, preserves, cheeses, coffee, breads and cakes. Oh gawd, I'm salivating just thinking about it. Once we've done the rounds, had coffees and bought good pastries, it's back to Judy's house for breakfast. ...and laying around, and even some knitting.


It's That Time Of Year Again!

Magnolia time!


I took almost the exact same shot last year I think, but I'm just so happy to see these guys. It seems like one day it's a bunch of bare twigs, then the very next day BAM! it's full of buds.

They also herald the latter parts of winter and the first sniffs of spring in this part of the world, which is officially a Good Thing. I mean, check out that blue sky...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Thought For The Day

Just because.

Jack & Ianto - "Torchwood", BBC.

Anyone fancy a smooch? Seriously, it feels like I haven't had any liplock action in forever, and frankly I miss it. Maybe I can make that my 'project' for this weekend?

Kissing is underrated. Never date a bad kisser.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stream Of Consciousness: 2nd August Edition

Blech. I've been a bit slow moving this morning after a few three or four six, maybe somewhere less than sixteen beers with the boys last night. Tossing and turning with The Dry Horrors at about 3 am. You know those sort of nights? So far I've just about drunk my own body weight in water, and coffee.

Kids, alcohol is bad, m'kay?

It's my sister's birthday today, so everyone say Happy Birthday Fiona! 45 today. She's had some major health crises this past year, but now she's been all mended. The wonders of modern medicine. Happy birthday Fi!

I'm relocating offices for 4 weeks, to share a tiny office with the Loudest Person In The Building. (It's only short term, and I'll try and keep This Woman Is Driving Me Crazy type posts to a minimum for that period. I'm not entirely ruling out bloodshed however.) She's one of those people who doesn't try to solve her own work problems, just asks you to fix it for her. Generally with the logic that 'it'd be more time efficient if you just fixed it'. She ran to me with a computer problem the other day, and I told her I'd help her by showing her how to do it in a little while. She flounced off saying she'd read the manual instead, but an hour later she was back with the 'time efficient' logic string. You know what? I caved in. The task took me 3 seconds. Double clicking a text box, changing the text, and saving as a new template. For that she studied the instruction manual for an hour, and still couldn't do it.

It's gorgeous here today! Mild and sunny. Which means that the hot Greek guy in the take-away chicken shop I walk past each day has ditched the puffer jacket in favour of a tight white tee. I love warm weather!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wish? Did Someone Say "Wish"?

Repeat after me, Mekka-lekka hi mekka hiney ho!

Mekka-lekka hi mekka chahney ho!..
Mola-mekka chala mekka hola hayla hey!...

The wish is granted. Long live Jambi.

Linky Dinks

Ay dios mio, I've spent all morning so far redesigning somebody else's craptastic form here at work. A form designed in Word, by somebody who doesn't really know how to use it. Like there are these things called Tabs you know? You don't actually need to try and line things up by hitting the spacebar a bazillion times.

That's actually not even germaine to this entry, but I feel better for having gotten that off my chest.

So, in keeping with yesterday's vintage theme, here are some cool blog links to do with vintage advertising, cool junk and old photos. The sort of stuff I adore.

Swapatorium: A Journey Through Junkland - flea market finds, oddities and ephemera.

Tikiranch - vintage advertising and advertising figures.

BigHappyFunHouse - found vintage photographs.

Sweetheartville - vintage collections, Americana and junk store finds.

If you have any similar links to share, hit me up in the comments!