Wednesday, August 10, 2005


This week's Photo Friday assignment is Complexity.

Window, Chinese Garden of Friendship. Darling Harbour, July 2005.

I love the way the windows in the background repeat the same type of carpentry as this window surround. I'm somewhat carpentry 'challenged' so I can't even begin to imagine how time consuming it must be to put it all together, with all the corresponding angles and such.

This photo is from my visit to the Chinese Garden of Friendship in late July, the rest of the pics from the trip are here, here and here.


Anna said...

Chaos theory - there is order in chaos!

I'm no Dr. Carpentry myself, but I always notice tiny details. There is a pattern in that wooden frame - there are 2 different designs placed alternately around the frame 4 times. It's hard to explain without showing you, but maybe you'll be able to see it!!

Bodhi said...

I really like this picture Andrew. Maybe its just me suffering from post-traumatic Catholic flashbacks [shudder], but this window really reminds me of stained-glass windows. Those portals of spiritual light and colour that were one of the few things I actually liked about Christianity in my youth.

Hell, who am I kidding. It was probably just a case of, "Oooooh, bright and shiny glass, Fabulous!, so completes the look ... ".

Hmmmm, whats the word/words for "divided reality windows" in Chinese?

Bodhi :-)
Sydney, Australia

The Other Andrew said...

Well spotted Anna, I figured it wasn't completely random, but the thought of cutting all those angles still makes my head hurt...

Bodhi, I know what you mean about the stained glass look of this. A friend of mine, Jeffery, is a fabulous stained glass artist and works a lot on restoring antique windows. Proper stained glass (with the painted details). Beautiful.

I like the contrast of light/dark, open enclosed etc in this pic, as well as the way the pattern is picked up in the windows behind.

Thanks for the comments!

BTW - has anyone noticed that I've started getting SPAM comments recently? I've been deleting them when I spot them but if anyone sees one could you let me know! Thanks