Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Documenting Change

On my walks to and from work each day I like to vary my route, mix it up a bit to keep me from getting bored with the walk. On my walk to work yesterday I passed through a small sidestreet and passed by the building where a week ago I took a photo of this piece of grafitti. Except, now the building is three quarters demolished. The bottom of the wall with the bit of grafitti I liked is still there, but no doubt will be gone by tonight, or in the next day or so.

I've really started to love taking photos. When my ex gave me a digital camera as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, I took party photos and pictures of people and events, but it's only in the past year (or year and a half maybe) that I started to photograph things that caught my eye. Taking photos for the sake of capturing something interesting, beautiful, colourful, funny or transient.

It struck me that I'm documenting my life and times too. This blog, and these photos will record a time and place in my life. I like to take photos of my neighbourhood, the streets I walk through each day, and I love looking at the way other people cover the same territory. We are all freezing this place at this point in time, and by blogging about and photo sharing through the interweb we are creating a collective document about this time and place. Already I can look back through this blog, and my photos of a year or more ago and see the changes in me, in my surroundings and in the world.


gadgetgirl said...

Are you in the Sydney Photoblogger group in Flickr?
Its a fun group.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks GG, I'm in! I just signed up. Thanks for sending me the invite, it made signing up really easy.


harry said...

I forgot last week to go up to the top of Gladesville birdge and take panaramic shots to show "Sydney in full Jacaranda bloom". I forgot last year too.

It's awesome up there. I took an Emglish friend of the family up there to take photos of the city lights and when we got there the Bridge was turned off for the Astronomical thingo they were doing that week. So it looked like: a random city!