Monday, November 06, 2006

Sculpture By The Sea

On Saturday morning I joined some of my Flickr mates for a trip to the annual Sculpture By The Sea event at Bondi Beach. The public display of 108 sculptures lines the cliff walk between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach, with additional scultptures in the parks along the way. We agreed on a 5am start, in order to see the dawn and get some sunrise photo opportunities.

Pre-Dawn BondiGrey Dawn

As it turns out the morning was so overcast, cool and a little rainy that there wasn't much of a dawn to speak of, but the changing light and the cool blue tones of pre-dawn made for a lovely backdrop to the sculptures. One of my favourites was the sculpture above (right) that was covered in frosted glass squares, that tinkled in the stiff dawn sea breeze.

AnemoneExotic Anemones

Many of the sculptors took advantage of the sea location, using the strong winds to power kinetic sculptures or to make sound from the breeze.

Steady GazeConcealed & Revealed

Other sculptors took the sea theme more literally and made strange and fantastic sea creatures, or strange objects that looked like sea-wrack from another world.

The WatchersStorm Tail

It was a fun morning, we were early enough that the crowds hadn't yet assembled and so were able to take shots of the sculptures uninterrupted. There was pretty much just ourselves, and some of the local residents out walking their dogs or jogging. We rounded out the morning with breakfast at a Bondi cafe, with coffee, eggs and good conversation. Having risen at 4am I was a little tired for the rest of the day, but it was a really fun way to spend the morning and I'm glad I went.


Anonymous said...

I always missed the shows previous year. Have to make it there this time.

The Other Andrew said...

You definately should, go early to avoid the crowds though! I shot a lot, even though the light conditions weren't ideal. Sunrise on a less cloudy day would be good.

Ur-spo said...

very lovely photos of some very intriguing art - at first glance I thought those anemones were real!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ooh I haven't been for years. it's looking tres funky from your photos. I heart anenomes.

yani said...



We have beaches here... why don't our dumbass government get a bunch of artists to do this...

Overcast is good... big old softbox over everything... :)

The Other Andrew said...

Yani, I think you should call someone and tell them. I mean, along the Glenelg foreshore or something... The beauty of the Bondi cliff walk is that it winds and twists, so there are dramatic spots to place the sculptures.

You're right about overcast being like a big softbox. In hindsight I wish I had also tried a shot with flash on the sculpture covered in glass squares, it might have been interesting to have it bright against the dark coastline...