Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Amazing New Blog

I'm blown away my a new blog I discovered after following a link from Jevyeddy's blog. It's called Coming Out At 48 and (as the name implies) chronicles the experience of a guy called Chris and his journey of coming out of the closet at the age of 48, of leaving his wife and grown children, and of taking the huge step that changed everything in his life.

Chris's writing is highly articulate and moving. Even if the experience of coming out of the closet is something you will never have to do because you are straight, have already done, or have yet to do if you are gay, I recommend you check it out and see if you find his blog interesting, because the quality of his writing just blows me away. He's only been blogging since August and I have yet to read all his entries, but I found myself getting quite emotional and caught up in his story from just reading through his initial August entries.


Bodhi said...

I concur Andrew, and have been following this blog since its inception (I think I first briefly commented on it back in August).

Coming out at the age of 37 myself, ending a 13 year marriage and having a then 10 year old daughter, there is much in this blog that I can relate to.

Check it out, people.

The Other Andrew said...

Sorry Bodhi, I didn't remember you mentioning it. It's excellent!

Sunshine said...

Yep, that's why I bookmarked it - he writes very well. He has a way of sucking you into his story as if you were him.

RB said...

I wish I could write as well as Chris. His blogs really come through to me. I've linked him from my blog too.

Bodhi said...

Are you sitting down Andrew? Good. Now take a deep breath and brace yourself:

Sorry sweetums, when I say that I first briefly commented on it back in August, I mean that I did so at Chris's blog, not here at TOA.

Yes Andrew, aside from you and the ever lovable Mikey at Pipedreams, I have been known at times to comment on other peoples blog. I know this may come as somewhat of a shock to you, but you are not entirely the centre of the blogosphere universe, m'kay.

Of course you are way up there in my estimation sweetie. Certainly a major constellation amongst countless smaller suns. But sometimes, just sometimes, I feel the need to boldly go where no Andrew has blogged before.

The Other Andrew said...

Ok Bodhi, Mr Snippy McSnipperson, when you said "(I think I first briefly commented on it back in August)" I thought you meant you made a comment on it (ie about it) here. Retract those claws, m'kay?

Bodhi said...

Yes, yes, Your Blogness, I realised thats what you had assumed.

Claws, there were no claws. Leo's don't have claws (.. smiling purrrrfectly sweetly).

Merely making a subtle point. Did you miss my "major constellation amongst countless smaller suns". That was rather good, I thought. I was being nice, m'kay?


luscious loulou said...

Oh Andrew. Thank you so for posting that link.

I started weeping during the "Tuxedo" post. Just tears dripping down my face and I couldn't breath. Everything went blurry.

He tears at my heart, this man.

And he writes like he's inside my head (yes, despite our differences) and his words thrum right through my soul. I'm in awe.

Just in awe.


The Other Andrew said...

I know! He's amazing. A great writer, so honest and tender.

Michael said...

I read magazines from back to front, but after two entries from this dude, I decided to read from the beginning. His writing resonates with me, too. I'm still living some of the things he is. Some posts have me in tears as well, but always hopeful.
Thanks for the heads up, A.

The Other Andrew said...

You're welcome!

He's very kindly put up a sidebar link to my blog on his, which kind of makes me hope nobody follows it here expecting great writing... only to find entries about buying new shoes or my boss handing out free chocolate bars! I can almost hear the disappointment, an't you?


BTW, sorry I missed say 'Hi and thanks for the comment' RB. I followed the link back to you blog, and dude you have some seriously hot pics there. I'm at work, so I'll check out your blog when I'm not worried about somebody looking over my shoulder!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...


I just bothered to follow the link. bugger me, what a beautiful blog.