Sunday, January 06, 2008

Yesterday Was A GOOD DAY

Write that in 72 point bold, and then underline it. A haircut, always good. A couple of hours of knitting in a cafe with a bunch of friends, lots of fun. A late afternoon doze in and out on the couch, recharging. Then a few beers with one of my oldest and dearest friends, who is in town on a holiday, along with a few of his other friends, before the two of us headed off to dinner together.

This year will be the 30 year mark in our friendship, having met as 13 year olds freshly minted into the roles of High Schoolers. 30 years! I lifetime really. How do you describe that feeling of sitting with someone you can be absolutely honest with? This broad shouldered handsome man you have been friends with longer than you haven't.

We talked about his new life in Korea, his beautiful wife (his second) and gorgeous 11 month old son. Of fatherhood in his early 40s and changing his original view that he didn't ever want kids. I think best of all was the way he lit up with pride when he spoke about his wife. About her strong family focus, her very successful career as a real estate enteprenuer in Korea, her strength and her kindness. About families in general; his new one, his brothers and my own family.

We talked a lot about me too, about what a strange and sometimes difficult year I had last year, and about how good I feel now. He expressed his usual concern that I don't have anyone in my life, and we had a few laughs about that. He was the second person I told that I was gay when I was 15, and I still remember the smile and hug that came straight after! Since then we've chatted about a number of ex boyfriends of mine that have arrived and departed over the years.

It was so lovely to reconnect after only having some emails and a few phone calls for the past couple of years. So nice to share a big hug before heading our seperate ways. And so great to be able to remind ourselves why we have stayed so close over all these years.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

lovely post, TOA :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks kind lady! :)

thombeau said...


I have two friends who I've known since high school; we've already passed the 30 year mark. One of them is flying to Portland with me on Thursday!

These are karmic relationships, deeper than family in many ways. They're a blessing.

jason said...

wow...that's wonderful!

I have to say I envy you a bit there.

Michael Guy said...

Beautiful story. I am desperate to reconnect with those from my past of late. Longtime friends are the best!

The past two months have netted direct contact with folks who knew me as a 22-year old. Ain't Google grand? I've got a dear re-connect with an ex-BF in San Francisco now. (Can one call a three-month relationship 'boyfriends?'

And, too, I'm dining/bar-hopping with my oldest friend in Chicago nowadays. Our life paths/careers sorta took us in different directions for many years but we've recently made the time to sit and visit/share a meal.

For me, I guess I seek some sort of validation that I did indeed exist, solo, some 30-years ago prior to a 25+ year partnership.

Sorry for the blabbing. Good post!

The Other Andrew said...

Not babbling MG, sharing. I know what you mean, sometimes it's hard to reconnect with old friends but when it works it's really great. The friend I wrote this about, he and I had a third close friend, a guy I used to go to primamry school with even. We were like the 3 Musketeers. Sadly, when we tried to reconnect with him he wasn't so interested. We still can't figure out to this day why, but I guess he felt he had moved on...