Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Have To Buy A Grass Skirt

I did not think I would ever type that sentence on this blog, but there you go. Life can surprise you.

The thing I love about my neighbourhood is that within about 5 minutes of looking I had 2 options to choose from.


M-H said...

Stay away from lit cigarettes.

Michael Guy said...

What does one wear, say, underneath said 'grass skirt?' I suppose you'll need a nice lei, too.

:: curious to native customs/cultures ::

Kenyo said...

I expect the perfect thing to wear under your grass skirt would be some sandals.

Ur-spo said...

this year, buffalo grass is all the rage.

nash said...

How about a coconut bra as well?

Happy Noo Year to you TOA (can't believe you were here in Melbun!)

bernard said...

yeah, i think sandals are appropriate!

Where in Newtown in the "Grass Skirt Quarter" by the way? Near the "Hammock quarter"? Or in the "Made everywhere but Australia cheap and disposable housewares, incense, and novelty stuff quarter"?

If a grass skirt is required, take some lei's with u so u can lei the cuties and hotties...

yani said...

I'm surprised that nobody has asked the fairly obvious question...

Why the %@*#& do you need a grass skirt? ;P

bernard said...

Yani - it's obvious.

He Hates Hearing
"Hula Ho! Hula Ho!"
Hopefully he'll happily hibernate
H'emerging h'as a Hula Pro

(ok, lame. It is Friday.)

Lu'au themed party huh, Andrew?

Or met a nice str8 hawaian boy who wants some cross-cultural cross-dressing action?

The Other Andrew said...

FYI - The current plan is to wear a pair of speedos underneath, as there will be swimming! (sans skirt) It's a friend's 40th birthday celebration, which includes a sunset cruise on the harbour with a hawaiian theme. Nice!

Ah-we Lackanookie's got me!*

One for the Divine Miss M fans.