Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Colours Of Summer

Colours Of Summer
Red Passion Flower, passiflora coccinea.

Colours Of Summer
My new and thoroughly awesome vintage Hawaiian shirt.

Colours Of Summer
Fashion standby, the classic plastic flower bra.

Colours Of Summer
Not so much 'grass', as raffia and plastic. Beware naked flames.

Don't feel a little cheerier now?


John C said...

Seeing as we're still labouring under the Eternal Grey here, yes I do, thank you.

M-H said...

Love the shirt. The raffia, not so much.

The Other Andrew said...

John, you're welcome. I was kind of thinking about you Northern Hemispherians when I posted this.

M-H, I'm in agreement. No comment on the flower bra I notice...

thombeau said...

I expect photos of you donning this gay apparel! Either on your blog, or in an email!

So, like, are you in a production of "South Pacific"?

Michael Guy said...

YOU do realize it is sub-zero here right now, right?

I mean...good on you for scoring an AWESOME Hawaiian shirt but, betch...it's cold up here!!!

:: long underwear on ::

The Other Andrew said...

Long underwear, that's hot! Or, warm at least.

Kenyo said...

Is this it? Is this all we get to see of the event that required you to buy a grass skirt? Oh, Pleeeese.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey I already posted a pic of Evan wearing the ensemble. C'mon people, pay attention. (I didn't wear it FYI, not enough beer in the world.)