Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm Not Currently Actually Getting Very Much Work Done Really

These are both part symptom, and part cause:

These (and many other) cartoons by Dave Walker are available for free download and use on non-commercial blogs from We Blog Cartoons.

[Link originally via the vibrant How About Orange...]


jason said...

I love that How About Orange website!
Toilet bowl decals!

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Jason, we speak the same language. :)

Mel said...

In the little Google Reader window on my Google homepage, all that showed of this post's title was "I'm Not Currently Actually Getting Very Much". I was, of course, expecting something much different.

I'm thinking that jellyfish decal would look good on our toilet, but what I really, really want to try is the chocolate bread pudding.

The Other Andrew said...

I know! I think I actually let out a soft sigh when I read "chocolate bread pudding".

Oh, and i'm not currently actually getting very much either. Sadly. Hey, there's always pudding, right?

thombeau said...


Michael said...

Chocolate bread pudding and toilets...oh my?

As for the cartoons, I should post that middle ON my laptop as a reminder and then forsake all other resolutions for the year.