Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Short Long Weekend Recap

I think the best kinds of weekends are ones that have a mix of social time, time hanging out with friends, and down time to just potter and futz about, you know? This long weekend was a pretty good mix of both I have to say, with the balance tipped a little in favour of socialising.

Friday night I had dinner with friends, Saturday a demi-successful* shopping expedition and coffee with more friends, Sunday afternoon a fun session of knitting at the pub and then a Sunday night barbeque with other friends. Sunday night was a late one, so I had what amounted to a sleep in for me (7.45am) and ended up skipping a breakfast that some other friends had organised. Instead I took some of that down time for myself and spent the day puttering at home, defrosting and cleaning out the refridgerator, doing laundry, and watching DVDs of "Arrested Development". It was nice, but by the end of the day I had that itchy feeling like I should have been out socialising!

So, a good one. Catching up with so many friends that I don't see all the time was great. Oh, and my sparkling, fresh smelling refridgerator gives me a visceral pleasure that only a goal achieved can bring.

* We went to Prints Charming and despite a sign on the door saying that they reopened on Saturday, they were shut. I've sinced noticed a footnote on their website saying that they reopen on 4th February. Mixed messages guys!


thombeau said...

Glad you had a good weekend. Such things make the week easier to get through!

The Other Andrew said...

Exactly. Is it odd that getting the fridge sparkling clean gave me such a sense of comfort and achievement? (See: Virgo)

Maybe don't answer that...

Michael said...

I rarely have anything in my fridge outside the crisper, but I feel the same way about my tub. So will you fault me for scrubbing it every third day?

I was oft-thinking of you Sunday morning when I got up at the ass crack of dawn to watch the Australian Open finals. But not because of Australia so much as ass crack.

So when's Rufus again?

The Other Andrew said...

Rufus is tonight! And tomorrow night! Squeeeee.

Funny but my ass crack makes me think of you too.

Michael said...

Funny "ha-ha" or funny "my dick in you?"

The Other Andrew said...

Crossing the line!

(PS: you really need to ask that? Dude, use your powers of reasoning.)