Friday, January 25, 2008


What is better than staring down the barrel of a 3 day weekend, I ask you? Really. It's Australia Day long weekend this weekend, and I shall celebrate by being as Australian as I can all weekend! Beer will be drunk, and so shall I most probably. I draw the line at watching sports though.

What to do? What to do?

I've already celebrated having the house to myself all week by strolling sans pants around the house at whim. Me? Oh I'm just wandering to the bathroom stark naked, thanks for asking! So I can check that off the list.

Likewise I've also celebrated the recent gift of a freebie DVD player by reacquainting myself with the porn ouevre watching a few films. Thumbing my nose at the endless hours of cricket and other sportish things that mean summer tv in Oz. They do that to me every year, and I hate them for it.

There's always the knitting.

I'll probably do some stuff around the house. Clean up the garden a bit. Buy some fabric to cover the pin up boards I scored the other day. Start cutting out a pattern to recover my sofa. Ask Gardener to repot the orangery and then instruct the staff on the proper way to clean the silver. (Sorry, tipped into Martha Stewart there for a moment.)

Maybe take to some lazy mornings abed with book and some damn fine coffee.



mrpeenee said...

Sounds pretty sweet to me. Maybe I'll celebrate Australia Day by screwing around at work all day Monday.

The Other Andrew said...

What are you trying to say? Because really, that sounds pretty accurate.

Michael said...

What about the Australian Open? Tennis is way to gay to count as a real sport. Federer/Djokovic is on TV tonight, which is tomorrow morning for you, or I guess NOW. Now.

I live alone, and have for years and years, but I'm not so much a nudie guy. I mean, of course I'm butt-naked when I answer the door for deliveries and stuff, but not otherwise. Just feels silly.

The Other Andrew said...

I thought you always went to the door in a skimpy little satin hapi coat. One that just barely covers the boys. Or is that only for the UPS guys?

(FYI - I'm not mormally a nudie guy either, it's just a celebration of having the house to myself.)

I'm not feeling the tennis.

bernard said...

Hmmmm - On Aus day itself, the Seven Foot Smurf is working, so helping our mutual friend (the-other-other-Andrew) move house.

Then the ex - who - is - now - my - neighbour is having a bbq. Have the Kangaroo ready to throw on the grill, but still to find Emu at a bbq price. One of the adorable things about Australia; we can eat the national fauna.

Any peeps able to help with an Emu supplier in Sydney?? I know, short notice.

Yup - bring on the winter sports with the skimpy outfits....

Ur-spo said...

my writer's almanac tels me today is indeed Australia Day
Happy Day to you in the far off land of New South Wales!
Capt. Cook