Saturday, January 19, 2008

How Does One Spell "Piquey"?

I woke up feeling a bit peeky peaky off colour yesterday, and what with the dreary rainy day and all, decided to have a Mental Health Day. Upset tummy tums sort of day, nothing too serious.

So I had a quiet day away from The Interwebs; did some knitting, read "Italian Food" by Elizabeth David, got hungry, went down the street on a foraging mission, realised that no matter how many lemons and good tomatoes I buy I'm still not languishing in the shade of an Umbrian grapevine, and consoled myself with an impromptu early afternoon trip to the cinema. (In my head the word "cinema" is always pronounced with a posh English accent - Cinemaaaaaah, darling.)

I saw Juno. Run, don't walk (in fact, if you have superpowers fly) to a cinemaaaaah near you that it is playing this film, because it is fabulous. Charming, quirky without being too quirky (if you know what I mean), funny, and above all heart warming. It has three of my favourite boys in it, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman and J.K. Simmons, and some fantastic cameos and supporting roles from amazing comedic actors like Rainn Wilson and Alison Janney. Imdb has the full cast list. Some of the young actors who I had never seen before, like Olivia Thirlby who plays Juno's best friend Leah, turn in fantastic performances. Highly recommended!

The rest of the afternoon was frittered away with some window shopping, back home for some more knitting and futzing about. All in all, just what the doctor would have ordered I think.


thombeau said...

I saw this movie about a few weeks ago. LOVED IT!

The movie theater was full of teens, and they seemed to love it, too, which made me happy. How often do they get to see a film that's actually intelligently done?

Glad you enjoyed your day, sweetie!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks petal! It was a midweek crowd, so a few youngins and singletons dotted throughout a mostly empty cinema. Everyone laughed at the appropriate moments though. Once the opening scene between Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson started up, well I knew I was going to enjoy it!

God I love The Bateman! And J.K.Simmons, oh nobody does dry and sardonic like him.

thombeau said...

Yes, The Bateman. I would totally go there!

Cecilia said...

Thanks for the recommendation. It's been on my to-watch list. Alison Janney! Rainn Wilson! JK SImmons! Hard to go wrong with them.

Hope you are feeling less piquey today--although we are having good weather for piqued-ness.

Charisse said...

i really want to see this movie. i LOVE Michael Cera!! glad to hear it's as good as i hoped it would be.

The Other Andrew said...

Reecie, Michael Cera is so funny. While his role in the film isn't huge, he does get some great screen moments.