Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scissors & A Glue Stick

I don't have kids (see: homo), or even a colour printer, but if I did I would be printing out some of these Japanese paper dollhouses super pronto. (Actually, the kids bit is not even really that pertinent, because I would totally play with these myself anyway!)

I want to play Le Marchand de Legumes! There are a heap more of them, and they are all set up as pdfs to download and cut out.

Remember kids, no running with those scissors!

[Link via How About Orange.]


bernard said...

ooh; aah; ooh; aah;

I can't believe you dont have a colour printer in your office... Actually, currently I don't either, but I have forwarded on to a lovely person whom u have met, who will print out in glorious color for you.

Would bring along to Stitch'n'Bitch this Sunday (with scissors!!)- but in honour of Australia Day weekend they are having a Bogan festival... Could be an interesting counter/counter/culture experience, but feel it is more likely that the usual table will be taken.

By Bogans.

thombeau said...


Pretty soon you'll be running with scissors!

jason said...

totally adorable!

(Almost as cute as those toilet tank stickers.)

Kenyo said...

Run out quick and get a color printer!

These are lovely. I can't wait to get a glue stick.

nash said...

You find all the good stuff. Why don't you adopt me?

The Other Andrew said...

Do you want me to be your daddy Nash?

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh man, I need that doll's house.

Andy's Crafts said...

You need crayons sweetie,let the kid in you blossom!

The Other Andrew said...

Cool, huh? The website has all sorts of fun kids stuff to cut out and paste together.

Andy, crayons I do have! :)