Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I think LOLCATS are something you either find funny, or you really don't.

I'm definately in the 'find funny' camp, and then every now and then one comes along which makes me laugh so hard I nearly pee myself. You're welcome.


Jodie Sorrell said...

ahh...i love it cat climb into jumper arms. They always look so confused when they can't get out ;-)

bernard said...

eyah, lolcats have a funny reaction from some people. An otherwise fabulously rounded person I know violently dislikes them.

Sure, some are crappy, but the good ones can be gr8

Still it takes all types.

John C said...

LOLCats are one of the best silly things on the internet, without a doubt. In fact I have to avoid looking at them when I'm working, they're addictive.

Dunecat is a peach but this is one I never tire of...behold: Fuzzy Paws & Cone Kitteh!

Yeah, I know, there's a million others...

The Other Andrew said...

Ha ha!

I think I find dunecat so funny because it taps into my whole SF-nerd side.