Wednesday, January 02, 2008

This Town Is Coming Like A Ghost Town

Part way to the train station this morning I started to doubt myself, whether it really was a work day today after all. The streets, deserted. The train, no soul in sight. I didn't even know there were tumbleweeds in Newtown?...

I mean really, if I have to suffer through returning to work today I would at least like a little company, you know? Someone to share a rueful half smile with maybe. A little bit of solidarity, is that too much to ask?

The office is likewise pretty deserted. I think only myself and one other member of my 4 person department are here for the rest of the week, which will be quite nice (so long as the bloody phone stays quiet that is). Even better news, my airconditioning nemesis is off this week!

Can you feel the delicious cool? Are you feeling that tingly frisson of almost nipple-ishness? Ah, that's not just the cold air my friends that's the sweet, sweet charge of victory.


thombeau said...


The Other Andrew said...


bernard said...

can relate. Most of my office is in today, and they do seem to be expecting productivity.

On Day One.

Trying to give them what they seem to want.

Ah the joys of it all!!!

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bernard said...

and how come u got blog-spam on this one?

Thought it may ahve been to do with your "First Testimonial" post and someone had set up a blog search alert with "rosacea" or some such. But why post it on this one?

Life's little mysteries sure are mysterious!