Monday, January 21, 2008

Quiet Times

I won't go into too much detail of the activities of my bowels and digestive tract (How's that for an opener?!), but suffice to say I had ongoing tummy troubles from Thursday afternoon and well into the weekend. So consequently I had Friday off work and a pretty quiet weekend.

I spent some time knitting with the Sydney Sity Klickers on Saturday afternoon, and then at The Courthouse Hotel with our regular pub knitting crowd on Sunday. We had three lovely ladies from San Diego in the US visit us at The Courthouse, who were in Sydney as part of a cruise of Australia and New Zealand. They were lots of fun and as it turned out one of them was a published knitting author, and one of our regular knitters Cecilia owned a copy of her book. A brush with fame.

It was a tropical and stormy weekend, hot and with thundering rain one minute and killing humidity the next. My housemate moved out on Saturday in rain that pretty much didn't let up all day. Once his room is cleaned and repainted, I'm in the market for another housemate. In the meantime though I'm enjoying having the house to myself. If I could afford to live alone I definately would.

So, meh. Even though I've filled a bunch of paragraphs here, there isn't much to report from the weekend. I still feel a little 'off colour' this morning, but in general it was nice to have a quiet weekend, and nice to get a some closure and possibility for change for the better in my living situation.

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Jodie Sorrell said...

Is there a bug going around, because I too had unmentionable tummy trouble all weekend.

I hope you're feeling better.