Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The last of my Christmas holiday snaps! On the way back from Ballarat I spent a day and a night hanging out with my old friend Robbie. Robbie lives in the lovely suburb of Melbourne called Prahran. (If you're a local you pronounce it "Pran". Nothing labels you a tourist like calling it "Pra-ran". It's like overseas tourists and the whole "Mel-born" [tourist] vs "Mel-bun" [local] thing.)

Prahran reminds me a little of my own 'hood, except maybe a tad more genteel than Newtown. A few blocks from Robbie's is the funky shopping and entertainment street of Chapel Street, a long, long stretch of cute boutiques, restaurants, cafes and tiny bars. Just step back a couple of blocks back from Chapel St, into the back streets of Prahran, and you'll find all sorts of wonderful Victorian era cottages.

Harrington, I'll take the Bentley.

Rise & Shine Beware
Rise & Shine (L) and le chat peculiar (R).

Lacework, a pair of Victorian cottages in Prahran.

Sunburst Camelia
The gardens of Prahran.

Pets Wonderland and glorious arts & crafts architecture collide on Chapel St.
Architecture loses.

Soaring Ornate
Soaring "Blood & Bandages" architecture in Prahran (L) and some faded glory
on Chapel St (R).

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Michael said...

Looks gorgeous. I know you're a dyed in the wool Sydneysider (sp?), but how is Melbourne? How big is it? I'm still determined to hit all the tennis Grand Slams...I did the US Open in September and I had good intentions of Australia, like, NOW, but that's not happening.

Your picture posts are marvelous. Love your captions. I must admit that they sometimes make me yearn for a video version, with you lovely narration. I long to hear your voice, dear boy!

The Other Andrew said...

I long to hear your voice, dear boy!

We should use telephony one day, although it would give away my true identity (In reality I'm a 6 foot lesbian called Sharon).

Thanks for the props on the photos! Melbourne is quite large, about 3.4 milion people I think. (I googled.) I like it, but I like living in Sydney. Melbourne often prides itself on being a bit more European and 'cultural' than Sydney. Eh, whatever.

thombeau said...

Great pics. You're a bit of a peculiar cat, as well!

John C said...

Marvellous pics. Is the uni in Prararan? I have a couple of Aussie friends and the name rings a bell.

Jodie Sorrell said...

I love it when you see on of those enormous land yachts and it’s actually a Bentley and not a cheap imitation Chrysler.

Ps. The weather in Melbourne is different to Sydney too…four seasons in one day.

Ur-spo said...

i learn a great deal about Austrailia through you.
This is my first glimpse at Melbourne.

Michael Guy said...

Andrew, that Bentley snap is sheer gold! Chrome/shiny is so challenging to capture and you've really nailed it here in broad daylight, too. It's liquid. I can 'feel' it.

Your photos are always so crisp. I suppose it's the camera? I mean, my digital camera has limitations versus what I'm assuming you shoot with.

Also: amusing footnote regarding 'local' and 'tourist.' Years ago I told my Brit friends that it was my fondest wish to tour "Blen-hime" Castle.

I wish you could have heard the giggles and snorts for their much beloved "Blenn-umm Castle."

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

John, I'm not sure about the uni question! I don't know.

Jodie, the weather was HOT when I was in Melbourne, but I have experienced the variation like you mentioned.

Ur-spo, this was all taken in one suburb of Melbourne basically. It's a pretty city! Quite European looking in parts.

MG, thanks! Ain't you sweet?! It's a combo of a good slr camera, and the lens. I usually shoot with the stock Canon lens (28-55mm) for versatility. It's not a GREAT lens, but the quality is pretty good. I have a second lens now (a replacement for my 50mm F1.8 that I broke) which is better for low light and soft background portraits. The other thing is that my camera lets you override the auto focus, so you can shift the point of where it focuses to any of 7 points in the frame. It helps a lot with composition.