Thursday, January 03, 2008


Mmm, what would be worse?

a) Too much money.

b) Too much sex.

Are they mad?


thombeau said...

These titles are so oxymoronic as to be impossible!

I want to read about a nymphomaniac millionaire. Or just meet one. Or be one!

The Other Andrew said...

Be. I choose BE ONE.

bernard said...

what was the first sub-title?

"Money makes a gay romance" ??

What's that make all of my romances then? STRAIGHT???

Stuff it. I'll take being the nympho for the millionaire...

James in Washington said...

I think I have met the reluctant nympho. I want to meet the reluctant millionaire.

Michael Guy said...

I want to meet the "reluctant millionaire nympho." Period.

Though I have observed the "recalcitrant nympho."

Ur-spo said...

ever see someone manic? their spending and sexual activity is amazing !

Michael said...

Too much sex is much worse than too much money. Cash always looks good in the morning and prizes can always be returned for a full refund without prescriptions or weepy discharges.

I vote for less sex but with the better looking stock that ample money attracts/affords.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey James, first time commentor unless I'm mistaken!? Everyone, say "hello James".

Michael, I sort of blanked after I read "weepy discharges".

John C said...

Hello James.

And don't dream it, be it.