Monday, January 14, 2008

A Weekend Of Awesome

It wasn't all just shopping and pretending to be Frida Kahlo you know (see below).

Oh no! There was also swanning around on the Harbour on a 60 foot (20m-ish?) catamaran at sunset, avec wine and nibbly bits. Dancing to Miss Cheryl Lynn's disco hit "Got To Be Real" at 2am on a rooftop garden. (And by 'dancing' I mean walking that runway, natch.) Some serious flirting. A big dinner in Chinatown with a dozen friends. Chatting, knitting and drinking shandies* in the beer garden of The Courthouse Hotel.

Ah, summer! We do indeed love you.

Much of the weekend centered around my friend John's 40th birthday celebrations. I haven't known John for very long, and he and his boyfriend Paul are two of the sweetest people you could meet. Kind. Funny. Handsome.

(Sadly, neither has a single brother of similar ilk, but what can you do?)

The sunset harbour cruise, rooftop party and dinner the next day in Chinatown were all parts of John's birthday celebrations. I had such a fantastic time, and it was so lovely to be included in the big crowd of John's family and long term friends. To see someone who is so loved and has touched so many lives.

Oh, and yes I did chicken out on wearing the grass skirt to John's (Hawaiian themed) cruise, but at least it didn't go to waste...

*FYI - DO NOT listen to any of this ridonkulous 'ginger ale shandy' business, half beer and half lemonade equals the aewsome summer drink. Sorry, I'm a purist.


Mel said...

And just whose bits were you nibbling? Hmmmm?

mr.kenneth said...
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mr.kenneth said...

omg! Another devotee of the true Shandy!


Thats just the way thirsts were quenched for NY2008 in Chez Shirley!

Looked like a marvellous Hawaii 4-0 of a weekend ...

Michael Guy said...

Looks like one helluv'a good time!

And that grass skirt is so YSL does the tropics!