Friday, February 23, 2007

Soft & White. Clean & Bright. You Look Happy To See Me.

Last night Amy, Kris, Kate, Wing and I went to the Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music.

Like Kris said on her moblog post on her blog, as did just about every gay in Sydney. I ran into some old friends, and saw lots of guys that I recognised from around the traps. Also, who knew that one of the most blatant (and sweet) incidents of cruising I would encounter in recent memory would be standing in the beer queue, in a beautiful old faux-Medieval theatre, whilst waiting to sing along with a bunch of kids dressed in curtains? A cute, short guy with a close trimmed blonde beard and I exchanged three long looks and smiles, but alas despite looking for him again at intermission he was not to be found.

Damn. It.

I guess we'll never get a chance to play The Strict Nazi Telegram Boy & The Teenage Austrian Heiress after all.

I'd been to the show a few years back, and it was just as much fun. From the little showbags full of 'props', to the choreographed responses, to the warm-up and costume contest, it was pretty slick. My dears the crowd was into it. Especially the two ladies (one of which owned the Largest Head & Big Hair In Christendom) sitting front of Kris and I. They were being Maria Von Trapp. It was heaps of fun and I got to hiss at The Baroness, boo the Nazis and let out a loud roar for my favourite line (just before "Climb Ev'ry Mountain"):
"What is it Maria you c*n't face?"

Ah, good times.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

shhhh... I've never told anyone except The Delighful Nanna but... my secret lullaby weapon is Edelweiss.


Michael Guy said...

If I can talk PIPEDREAMS 'Michael' into joining me on a trip to down under will you make us rompers from your bedroom curtains and sing about some of your favorite things?

:: lonely goat herder here ::

The Other Andrew said...

Speedy, I won't tell if you don't. It's such a sweet song that I can understand how it does the trick.

MG, I tell you what - how about you dress up as Austria and Michael can dress up as the Anschluss...

Whilst dressed up in fetching costumes made by me from the drapes of course!

Michael Guy said...

"Climb every mountain" indeed. You TART!

Mousicles said...

Pfft. Missed it again.

I love musicals especially when you can sing along.

I keep saying we need to have another musical marathon session.... Or another drunken musical singing session in the wine bar. (I was drunk on the music rather than the wine)

amy said...

they were into it weren't they? even with their LAME ASS chaperon....
I was a really fun night.

Kenyo said...

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