Monday, February 19, 2007


While I was out strolling with my camera on Saturday, I discovered this group reworking one of my favourite walls in Newtown. Home to my much beloved Ganesh. It looked like he was going to survive being covered, or maybe they just hadn't gotten that far yet. I hope he made the cut. If not, well that's the impermanent nature of the art I guess. I take some solace in the fact that it looks like there was a new colourful Ganesha being added.

In Progress 1

In Progress 2

In Progress 3


Michael Guy said...

I always enjoy your photography, Andrew. So crisp and colorful. I just love seeing the 'sunshine' in these pics. Gives me hope for our approaching Spring!

Hope you feel better!

The Other Andrew said...

I took these on Saturday, when after a few days sitting inside feeling bad I couldn't wait to get out into the sun. Even if only for a couple of hours. It was hot! I think the summer heat and intense light comes through in these colours. Thanks MG, I'm glad you like them and I hope it brightens a winter day for you!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yummy yummy pics, of great street art being made. tops!

did Ganesh survive? I'm rather fond of the orange and blue version too :-)

The Other Andrew said...

I'll have to go back and check if he survived, I hope so! It would make a nice bookend to the other one being painted in one of the pics.

yaniboy said...


Jealous, jealous, jealous... these are great shots Andrew... and I love that the artists were actually working on them, so rather than being furtive illegal graffiti, they're a big art project.

And you totally have to go back and take a shot of that finished Ganesh... I liked the other one too, but a pink and purple Ganesh... count me in!!!

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks Yani. It was a lucky catch. I'm guessing this is one of the 'legal walls' around here, because it was being done in full view of the main street on a Staurday morning. There is some fantastic street art around Newtown, and yes I plan on going back to catch the end result this weekend. Thanks for the comments!