Monday, February 12, 2007

5 Things That Make Me Want To Claw At Myself In Displeasure

Sleep deprivation, Mondayitis and a rainy day has tipped me over into glasshalfemptyland, so in that spirit I give you my list of 5 things I am so not digging right now:
  1. The fact that pizza is fattening. Someone should fix that. Hello, modern science?!
  2. Those verchacte iPod+Nike running chart thingies. I know some people I like very much are into them, and find other people's fascinating, but for me personally it's about as interesting as seeing your 10th grade straight 'A's report card. One one level, I'm very happy for you, but on the other... yawn. Oh, and nobody likes a show off.
  3. Sydney public transport. It rained today, which caused a complete meltdown of my morning commute. CityRail will be first against the wall when the revolution comes. Mark my words.
  4. Reflux. I'm now officially an old man with bad knees and antacids in my pocket. Next stop, cardigans and incontinence.
  5. I'm fat. The camera doesn't lie. Waaaaaaaah! Woe! Woe, I say! Who did this to me?! This is so totally not my fault! (See point 1)


q60sgirl said...

Fat you are NOT, i think you look perfectly perfect. So far as the sleep deprivation. Well last night i sincerely apologize for waking you so late. I have been very distressed. Not that it gets me anywhere. I need to accept my lot as it is at the moment. Sorry :(

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks, but I was shocked at how fat I looked in the pictures of me taken on Saturday. Shocked, I say!

Ok, apology accepted! :) Sorry you were having a bad night, let's talk about it off the blog.

Laubscher said...

With regards to points #1 and #3 I would like to say the following: Amen.

As for #5, you're not. We all think we're fatter than we are. Except for those awfully fat people who kid themselves they look good in speedos and bikinis and make us lose our lunch at the beach. For the record, you are not one of those people.

Tyson said...

Fat-free pizza tastes as awful as it does for two reasons:
a) It makes us value real pizzas.
b) Fat tastes good.

I had pizza today too.

Craig said...

you're NOT fat.

Michael said...

Tired, crabby and dyspeptic, yes, but not fat.

Michael said...

Not nearly as lean as me, of course, but unlike me, you have other charms.

The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the outpouring of support y'all, you're very sweet. Deluded, but sweet. Of course, I kid!

Yeah I got charms, I got charms you ain't even seen. Oh, you don't know.

morgan said...

I apologise for putting Nike+iPod charts in my Flickr photostream and blog. Flickr and my Blog pretty much act as my diary these days, and they're a way of tracking my own progress for myself.

They're also useful for those of us on Flickr who are interested in doing something about our health and pushing each other on. I need a challenge and I need that example and stimulation. And just as I've made new friends through blogging and Flickr, so the Nike+ thing is creating new personal connections for me.

That gentle push and inspiration makes all the difference to me, and makes me want to point out gently how it could be that you're struggling with your own inertia and procrastination.

Anyway, looking at them isn't obligatory.

The Other Andrew said...

Of course it isn't obligatory, and I hope you understand the point of this list was somewhat lighthearted. We've already discussed this in person anyway, so you know that my main beef is when you see them everywhere. They're somewhat ubiquitous, depending on the blog/Flickr circles you move in.

The Other Andrew said...

I just re-read your comment, and you seemed pissed at me for my entry. Maybe I'm reading too much into it? You know it's not an attack on you personally. Anyway, it's only my opinion. I'm not saying they shouldn't exist, just giving my feelings about them. Which after all is what I'm doing here on this blog. Like I said, on one level I'm happy for the people who post them, but I do find them boring. My own opinion.

As to my procrastination, well firstly that's my own issue to deal with and secondly an expensive iPod and Nike widget is not the cause or the cure of that for me.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

a) you are not fat, you naughty Pixie, so stop with the thinking of the fattness!

b) do you have good pizza over your way? next time you order, invite me :-)