Monday, February 05, 2007

Dead Ends

I was watching a movie I like called All Over The Guy again recently on DVD. The film has some lovely music in it, in particular one really nice ballad called "Bring You Back". I decided to slomo the credits and see who it was by, then do a little research and see if I can track it down on disk. All I had to go on was the credit "Peter Stuart" and the fact that the song was published by "Loud Mouse Music".

A little bit of Googling later, and very few results, and I found that he is/was lead singer of a band called "Dog's Eye View". It seemes like they had some degree of success, and toured supporting acts like "Matchbox 20". I found a fan site for Peter Stuart and Dog's Eye View and a couple of old music reviews for his solo CD (that contained the song I was looking for) called "Propeller".

But that's when things seemed to start to reach dead ends. The CD review listed his personal site as, but that doesn't exist any longer. The band's webpage shows up as an expired domain name. I did discover though that the band has a mySpace page (of course!).

One thing I started to notice was how out of date everything was. The last personal message from Peter on his fansite was 2002, and the latest entries on the news page were 2004. The mySpace page was a bit more up to date, but the blog attached to it was primarily from 2005 and, was only updated once in 2006 and not since. I checked the record company listed on the fansite, a company called "Vanguard" and neither he or the band are listed as current artists with them any longer.

I did manage to track down the Australian distributor of "Propeller", Shock Records, and they have the CD listed on their site. So it seems like it might still be available, which is a good thing.

Is it just me, but does it make you a little sad when you stumble across things on the net that seem to be abandoned? It does me. Blogs that were started and not kept up, inactive fansites, forums with no posts for years...

I started to feel a little disappointed for this guy and the band. I mean, it would seem like maybe their early success didn't carry on. As of the blog entry in 2006 it seem like they were still together as a band, but so little info about them since makes me think they might have folded. Or lost their audience. Or gone on to do other things.

Who knows?


Therin of Andor said...

I know what you mean. After starting up my blog, I was excited to discover that numerous friends, from various stages of my life, had blogs of their own. But sometimes they'd been abandoned after only a few months of blogging, my messages of greeting and hopeful reunion perhaps never found. Sigh...

I also find myself pondering what would have to my various websites should I suddenly not be around any more.

Luckily for one of them, way back in December 1999, my "Number 96 Home Page" was selected for inclusion in the online PANDORA Archive. It was in the first exclusive group of (three) Internet sites about Australian television programs to appear in the National Library of Australia's online public access catalogue, alongside the official websites for "The Panel" and the long-forgotten "Good Guys, Bad Guys"!

PANDORA has since catalogued many other TV show websites. They simple "web whack" the site as it existed at time of cataloguing, but once only, and give it a PURL (permanent URL). They also provide a hot link to the current updated site (if it continues to exist).

A stop-gap cure to a potential dead end.

Michael said...

They had a reasonably sized hit (here anyway) called "Everything Falls Apart), but I don't remember when. My brain, the lyrics equivalent of a lint trap, offers this:

The devil's not in the details,
The devil is in my pants
It's shoot first, apologize later,
Another quick end to a short, shod romance

Or something like that...or was the devil in the hands and not the pants? Machts nicht, really, eh?

Mihcael Guy said...

I own "All Over The Guy" and watch it when I need a 'hopeful' moment. Don't you love how it all comes together at the wedding reception? And the snarky dialogue between Jackie and her husband-to-be is pretty clever, too. I guess I find the whole 'opposites attract' aspect of the two male lead characters an endearing notion.

The Other Andrew said...

TOA (the other one), that paragraph about PURL and web whacks (dirty?) made my brain hurt!

Michael, yup - same guys. I think that was off their album that came out in around 2004, or something. Ja, machts nichts. Nicht var?

MG, cute film huh!? Not just because I want Richard Ruccolo to be my boyfriend. I love Eli's parents. The 'feel whell', har!

The Other Andrew said...

That should read "feel wheel".

Therin of Andor said...

Hehehe, Sorry. "Web whacking" is when someone downloads a copy of an entire website to their hard drive. Of course, doing that means they never get to see any changes that are made. But it does preserve for posterity an early version that even the website creators might not keep in their files.