Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Many Views

I've always like this quirky little cottage near my house, with its multicoloured glass windows and DIY construction.

Many Vistas

A young couple live in it and sometimes when their windows are open to the street you can see that their place is full of funky retro furniture. It makes me think they are artists, or actors, or something fun.


q60sgirl said...

Yeah i liked this pic. It gives me a "Psychedelic Little House on the Prarie feel :)

Michael said...

Curtains by Mondrian.

The Other Andrew said...

Hah ha! I had a similar thought, the first time I saw this. Who knew Piet was a dab hand with the sewing machine too?

Troy said...

The curtains throw me a little. I love the photo. Does the retro furniture inside look like the curtains?