Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fifty Fifty

Even though it's warm, it's been raining here for a couple of days now. I'm not complaining; my garden certainly needs it as does the rest of Sydney, and I quite like the rain when it isn't cold as well. Apparently it is the start of a change from the drought conditions we've been suffering under the El Niño effect, and the start of a La Niña cycle. However, after only a couple of days of grey skies I already crave the big blue skies of Summer all over again. Fickle.

I took these photos a couple of weeks back. I love the lovely Victorian facades around Newtown, but sometimes I look at the way the facades are treated and want to shake my head.

Fifty Fifty

You see a lot of this sort of painting, what I think of as Boundary Line Painting. I'm going to paint right up to this line where my property ends... Regardless of the features of the facade. I've seen worse examples, ones where a statue was painted one colour on the left and another on the right.

Half Half

By the way, both of these pics are slightly flawed in my opinion. Compositionally the top would be better without that tv arial poking in on the right hand side, and the bottom one looks like there was a speck of schmutz on the lens (there's a discoloured spot on the left). I still like them though.

Right now it's all about the blue skies...


yaniboy said...

Is it wrong to say that I actually like the whole bifocated, bisected, bilingual, whatever, paintjobs... especially the second shot.

And trust me, neither shot is fatally flawed, those things you mentioned I could fix in about three seconds in Photoshop (which I know you don't have, which is unfortunate), actually it would take longer to download and drop the images into PS than it would to fix them.

Michael said...

I'm surprised, but I kinda like it, too, in those shots. Are your skillz are JUST THAT MAD! When it really annoys me is indoors when rooms with no obvious demarcation are painted different colors.

Tyson said...

If you're against stealing Photoshop (what's with that?), then grab a copy of the open-source GIMP, or even GIMPShop (which is GIMP made to be like Photoshop).

You should whip those photos through one of those babies, as excellent as they are right now.

Kenyo said...

These are photos of real subjects. Photoshopping them would take away this reality. Like a Vogue cover shot does.

Your photography is always wonderful. Shouldn't you be making a nice living off it? It is time isn't it?