Sunday, February 18, 2007

Room & Bored

Oy. Boring. Boring. Boring.

Aside from a little escape into civilization yesterday, I've been pretty much just hanging around the house riding out this cold. Which would make great blog fodder if this was Diary Of A Shut-in. Which I'm here to tell you it isn't, despite indicators to the contrary.

I'm a bit pissed off too, because I had big plans this weekend. Ones which included getting sunburnt along with hundreds (thousands?) of other 'mos at Mardi Gras Fair Day and meeting some new bloggerazzi at tonight's Gay Blogger Meet-Up. It was kind of My Big Gay Weekend you could say*. I'm going to have to skip tonight I think, this cold is getting better for sure but I don't really want to risk it or to pass it on.

"Hi nice to meet you. Can I get you something? A cold perhaps?"

So, appropriately (given that my skin has opportunistically decided to 'act out' right now) Ugly Betty premieres here tonight and glued to that is where I'll be. Then it'll be all about the Grand Finale of "So You Think You Can Dance", and yes I know it was over forever ago in the States (and I do know who wins) but I'll still be watching. That's a pretty camp night of tv viewing, so that's some consolation, right?

Should that fail to satisfy, I can always fall back on the DVD of Shortbus, which I bought yesterday. This is ART people, but yes I will be slo-mo-ing throught the dirty bits. Duh.

* ie: a weekend like any other


q60sgirl said...

Oh your poor thing not Fair Day!! :( I too will be watching "So You Think You Can Dance", they are getting really good. I am waiting for Shortbus to drop in price a bit but it was SO good i think i will be waiting a while.

Despite my previous 10 month now broken track record... i shall like to announce today as Day One :)

Hope you feel better as the week progresses.

Craig said...

Sorry it wasn't the blast!!! you were hoping for...

Michael Guy said...

I am dying up here, dollface. Is there anything in particular you desire from my estate? A Versace tie? A laundered pair of CK squarecuts?

:: stuffed up/snot-nosed ::

Sorry to here about the UN-weekend plans. Particularly with all the international mo's in for Mardi Gras.

The Other Andrew said...

Q, I wanted little Travis to win, but Benji was certainly a prime entertainer! It was fun, very drawn out, but fun.

Day one. Don't forget, this is a precious human rebirth we've been given! :)

Craig, it's ok. It was wiser to stay home and look after it. There'll be a next time I'm sure.

MG, get better soon! Oh, and should I go through the pictures you've posted of your lovely home and mark the things I'd like? (Like, deserve, whatever...) Sweet offer, and I promise not to be too greedy.

yaniboy said...

I was "surf-watching" SYTYCD (ie, flicking back over when the commercials were on for CSI), and I thought it was interesting that the obviously 'mo boy (ie Benji) won over the less obviously 'mo and possibly actually straight boy (ie Travis)... not that I would necessarily have kicked either of them out of bed... err... where was I... oh yeah... the winner... but then I thought, well, maybe the majority of the people voting are 'mos... or as one of the Oz Idol judges put it once, "girls, grannies and gays"... and since Benji was all "old Hollywood", and queer as queer can be... that sews up two of the three areas...

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Actually, we guessed it as reversed Yani. Benji is a good Mormon boy, so if anything is likely to be the more closeted of the 2! Travis is only 18 but we pegged him as a 'mo in our household. It's all speculation really.