Monday, January 30, 2006

My Name Is Andrew, And I'm A DVD-aholic

The joys of cut-price DVD sales has seen me go a little crazy buying DVD's just of late. Recent additions to the shelf, courtesy of the sale tables, are:
  • Arrested Development: Season 1, $28.98 down from $44.99. Flat out hi-larious. I sat down and watched almost all the episodes in one long obsessive marathon. Buster cracks me up.
  • Babylon 5: Season 1, $54.95 down from $100. Not the best season of Babylon 5, because they really hit their straps in Season 2, oddly enough about the time they replaced the original Captain Wooden main actor. (Probably the only tv show ever to be improved by the addition of Bruce Boxleitner.) I was enticed by the heavy discount to start buying the whole series.
  • Love Is In The Air, $18.99 down from $74.99. A 3 disc box set of the very cool tv series about the history of Aussie music. Contains the soundtrack of my youth, although sadly my youth wasn't narrated by Toni Collette.
  • Tales of the City, $19.99 down from $36.99. I was a massive fan of the book when I was young, and the PBS mini series didn't disappoint. Marcus D'Amico and Bill Campbell, what's not to love? I still might buy the box set of this plus the two sequels one day.
  • Daddy and the Muscle Academy, sale price $19.99. The story of Tom of Finland. OK, it's art people, m'kay?! (Note the absence of the cover image on the JB HiFi website - it's a tad... saucy.)

With all this to get through, I might never leave the couch again.

[Updated: I completely forgot to mention that I bought a copy of "The Princess Bride" too. Love that film!]


Tyson said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one getting out of control with DVDs. I just bought a bunch of slasher films from eBay, and have been perusing with it's price search almost daily.

And thanks to you, and your JB-Hi-Fi link, I almost just purchased the first season of Golden Girls because the price was so good. You are responsible for this.

duane said...

I have a DVD problem as well, Andrew. Check out my collection:

The Other Andrew said...

I think it is becoming an addiction!

Hey, I don't drink or smoke so I guess there are worse things I could be spending my money on.

Tyson, you're welcome. :-)

luscious loulou said...

I think I need to be a part of this support group, petal.

I just bought Clue, The Life Aquatic, Sahara and Charade (with the darling Audrey and the oh so darling Cary showering in his clothes) could he get any cuter?

These films all speak to me and to no one else that I currently know "in real life". Yep, I'm an odd one alright.

ovhza - Ovaries? Huzzah! is the magic word for me today.

The Other Andrew said...

LouLou , your mention of Audrey et al reminded me that I've had a bit of a yearning of classic movies recently too. I saw a cool looking box set in the DVD store which had 10 Paramount classics in it (Roman Holiday etc). At $85 it's a fair outlay, but not too bad for 10 great films. I might get it one of these days, especially if it comes on sale! (I'm such a bargain shopper when it comes to DVDs)

Bodhi said...

Over my recent two week holiday, I bought about a dozen DVD's ranging from camp to vamp to he's so cute I gotta buy that movie.

Also any day now my pre-ordered copy of Season 1 Queer as Folk will arrive. Twenty two fab episodes, I may never leave my room! I heart QAF. About time it arrived on Region 4, suffice to say that the remaining seasons have also been pre-ordered and will be sent to me throught the year as soon as they are released.

All were great bargains you understand, I mean it would be innapropriate of me not to take advantage of such savings, surely? Yes, I am sure you are all nodding in concurrence. I have a new mantra to add to my repertoire:

Ezy, JB, Sanity, Out.
Ezy, JB, Sanity, Out....


Of course I do not have an addictive personality (*smiles sweetly and looks innocent*). I definately do not need a support group. And yes bitches, denial is a river in Egypt.

Sooooo, anyone up for a DVD night?

The Other Andrew said...

By the sounds of 'never leave your room', that DVD night invitation includes bouncing on your bed as a bonus? Do I read that right? :-)

Bodhi said...

Absolutely, sweetie darling sweetie :-)

Michael said...

Princess Bride! Yay!

I will always come for you.

The Other Andrew said...

Hah! Sweet talker.

It's been a few years since I last saw Princess Bride, but once I'm all fully reminded, then expect endless quotes. I'm like that. I love using other people's material.

Michael said...

And you want I should trade them right back with you?

As you wish.

duane said...

dare I say it; you should get a DVD burner? Naughty!

The Other Andrew said...

Honey, that is probably way too much technology fo me. Although, given that my vcr is on the fritz, and my DVD player is really old, I am thinking of upgrading to one of those 'all in one' machines. VCR/DVD/Recordable DVD. It would be nice to be able to record to DVD from the tv.