Monday, January 09, 2006

5 Very Good Things

After a short dour patch, here's a list of 5 things I discovered in the past few weeks which made my life just a little bit better:
  1. Star shaped ice cubes with flecks of edible gold leaf. Meg made these for her New Year's Eve dinner and not only did it make those of us of the teatotalist persuation feel like we were getting some Goldschlager style action, but as Sarah discovered you can fish the gold leaf out and gild yourself with it.
  2. Early morning summer rain. Few things sound better after days of baking heat.
  3. A new favourite fragrance.
  4. Fresh, succulent cherries.
  5. A new show at The Newtown Hotel, full of fresh, succulent go-go boys.


Maggie said...

Favourite fragrance for you to wear or to notice on (succulent) others?

The Other Andrew said...

Me, me, me! It was a Christmas gift. Mind you, I wouldn't mind get a good whiff of it off someone else's neck! I love a man that smells good.

Michael Guy said...

"Very Irresistable"? I'll add this to my 'highly fuckable' GUCCI por homme.

:: total fragrance whore here ::

The Other Andrew said...

Michael, I LOVE Gucci Pour Homme and wear it all the time. Love, love, love.

I used to be a Fragrance & Cosmetics buyer in retail. It was heaven! Oh, except for the asshole boss, that wasn't heaven.

Two words: Free. Samples.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

hey! that was ME wot was gilding myself! and as usual it's still floating around... I love sparkly bits. talk about staying power. the bag I took to the faerie party a few years ago still sheds when I use it...

that boyparfum you got was delicious. nothing like a manly but sensitive sort of smell. makes you swoon, almost as much as for fresh cherries ;)

The Other Andrew said...

Sorry Speedy, of course it was you who was the Gilded One. Momentary lapse of memory, just think of it as a Senior's Moment. :-)