Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hump Day Link-A-Rama

  • I love the vintage quality of these 1949 pastel Looney Toons cartoon townscapes. (The accompanying analysis of townscape design is a little uninspiring, but the pics alone are worth a look.) They make me think of Little Golden Books and the classic 50's Disney style. Wah! I want to live in a little pink townhouse on a curvy cobbled street!
  • Planning a holiday? Don't fly Oceanic Airlines. Oh wait, you can't because all flights have been cancelled.
  • Need to re-write history? Re-invent yourself? Do a 'Frey', or even a 'Demidenko'? Maybe it's time to update your artisitic licence?


Rob said...

Uninspiring!? It's a seminal book that influenced many!

I'm glad you liked the images though.

All the best,


The Other Andrew said...

Sorry Rob, no real criticism intended it's just that it was all about the piccies for me. Coming at it from a cartoon fan viewpoint rather than an architectural one.