Friday, January 27, 2006


Marigolds 2
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

I love the colour orange, in all its varying shades. (It's not a colour I can really wear though unfortunately, I'm a 'Winter' don't you know.)

These Marigolds were flowering in a curbside planter box on George St, the main street through the middle of the Sydney CBD. The city council has done a great job this year of brightening the Summer streets with lots of planter boxes and floral displays.

Sydney, I love you!


Michael said...

I used to plant big bunches of marigolds before I got botanically lazy. All that time dead-heading and then your fingers are so smelly after.


Michael said...

PS I don't wear orange either, but painted my dining room a great shade of it. Mulled Spice.

The Other Andrew said...

Mulled Spice! Love it. Silk Road stizz.

I have a single red wall in my living room, sort of a deep Venetian red. The name, Seductress!

kris said...

I like the displays too, but it amuses me that every year they somehow work in curly parsley for the green parts of the designs.

The Other Andrew said...

I guess curly parsley is kind of indestructible, and gives a lot of green for your buck. Yeah, I've noticed that too. I have flat leaf Italian parsley that self-seeded and now grows like a weed down the side of my house. Weeds you can eat!

Bodhi said...

I'm with Duane and his comments made on Photo Friday Pink (Jan 23), when he said you should seriously consider getting a gig as a photographer of nature or something. You are getting rather good at the Botanical Porn, as our whore-ticulturilst friend Rabbit calls it.

Here is an image for you all ...earlier in the week Rabbit was at his professional (commercial landscaper) best trimming our hedge (no, that is not a euphemism people) and generally tidying our courtyard garden. So much testosterone fuelled glee as he attacked with a hedge trimmer and whipper snipper like a green-thumbed Energizer Bunny possessed. Smiling like a cheshire cat as the green tornado cuts is swathe. Its just a shame that you missed most of it Andrew. Watching the gardener sweat and glisten like that made me come across all Desperate Housewives ...

If we get him back to do it again, I think we should make it that he do so sans shirt. You know, as part of the contract.

[No more weeds down the side of the house. Whipper Boy made sure of that].