Monday, January 09, 2006


Red Hybiscus
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

These beautiful big red hybiscus flowers are blooming in the front yard of a neighbour's house, further up my street. I love their deep red, waxy centres and hot red colour.


Maggie said...

Love those blooms. My mom has a hibiscus growing in the house. Funny, it always seems to want to turn into a tree, no matter what she does with it, instead of staying bush-shaped. Is there such thing as a hibiscus tree?

Also, I am bitter in my winter and jealous of your weather.

The Other Andrew said...

I know what you mean, this hybiscus plant is about 8 foot high. Really more 'tree' than 'bush'.

We've had a few days of over-the-top there's-something-to-this-global-warming-thing weather of late. Urgh. 44C is unnatural. No snow plow required, so probably a good thing though right?

Maggie said...

44C?!? I take it back. No longer jealous. That is astoundingly ridiculous.

The Other Andrew said...


It was like the cruelest joke ever. Made me want to lie on my bathroom tiles, panting "make it stop". Instead I cranked the air con to a level where whole suburbs were blacked out, but hey at least I was comfortable!

Bodhi said...

Loving the botanical porn, TOA. And in the immortal words of da Bunny:

'Hi Biscus!'

amatr_sam said...

Great shot Andrew! I need to get out myself and take some more like this, have been very much doing the work-eat-sleep routine of late, not a good habbit. Hope you had a good break over Christmas.

chaindropz said...

I raise pink hybiscus in pots. Mine are not the bush type. Mine come up every year from the roots. My pots are very different and the Hybiscus do well.