Monday, January 23, 2006

The Weekend That Was

Some weekends are just so good, you don't want them to stop. The weather here the past weekend was absolutely glorious. Hot enough that you think "Hey, it's Summer!" but not so hot that you want to lie face down on your bathroom tiles and whimper.

Bodhi (reader and frequent commentor) moved into my place a week ago and has settled in nicely. On Friday we both looked at each other and had the same thought "Let's go out". So, we trotted off to The Newtown Hotel to watch the show, currently an all go-go boy extravaganza called Filthy/Gorgeous, and enjoy the company of fellow 'mos for a while. Afterwards we headed to The Imperial for some dancing and Praise Jebus! but the music was much better than last time we went. Weirdly though they still seem to have a work experience student as DJ because they couldn't mix tracks to save their life. You would literally hear a ..::scccrrrack::.. as the needle was put down on the next track, and the beats would be all out of synch. Weird for such a popular venue. Bodes and I cut up the dancefloor and had a good time. I headed home about 2.30am and left Bodes to it.

Friday night my friend Stephen arrived in town from Brisbane, and on Saturday late afternoon some friends of his threw a combined house-warming for themselves and party for Stephen. We sat outside at a great big long table in the balmy night air and ate, drank and had a great time. I met a bunch of new people, and caught up with some folks that I only ever see when Stephen is in town. Old work friends of his from his days at the comics store.

One of his friends who I absolutely adore, a woman who is really beautiful, funny and bubbly, shared with me that she made it to the final 40 contenders for the Aussie version of the US tv show The Biggest Loser. Sky didn't make the final cut, but the top 40 do get to make a special appearance and hang out with trainers Bob and Jillian. If you've read this blog for a while you'll know that I'm a complete tragic for the lean streak of tattoed hotness that is trainer Bob Harper. I made Sky promise to give Bob a kiss from me, with tongue. Knowing Sky, she might do it too.

Sunday morning I had an uncharacteristically good sleep in, watched a fab documentary on the ABC about the life of the Buddha, and then raced out the door to meet up with Stephen and some of the friends from the previous evening for a late breakfast. French toast with maple syrup & fresh berries, some great coffee, and lots of laughs later, I then headed into the Buddhist centre in the afternoon and caught up on about 4 hours of data entry. Sunday night was the usual chill-out, watch Carnivale, upload some photos from the weekend to Flickr, sort of night.

So, a great weekend. It's wonderful having Stephen back in town, and I'm pretty sure that we've convinced him to come back to Sydney to live within the next year as things haven't worked out for him in Brisbane. Thursday is a public holiday here, and also the day Brokeback Mountain starts at the cinemas, so I already have tickets and a date for Stephen and myself to go and see it before he heads back north next weekend. Woot!

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