Monday, January 02, 2006


Summer Me
Originally uploaded by Other Andrew.

It rained during the night in a big heavy summer downpour sort of way, and today is cooler thank goodness. Yesterday clocked well over the old century mark, and was all just a bit excessive. Summer is generally not my most favourite time of year, I normally enjoy Spring and Autumn more. I like the changeability of the Sydney weather during these two seasons, and I'm not a fan of searing heat.

Having said that, I'm enjoying this summer so far.

(I happened to spot this same hat on this slab of handsomeness. He makes it look good, don't you think?)


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oh Andamaroo! so coy, these photos of half a face ;)

The Other Andrew said...

International Man of Mystery.

Michael Guy said...

I'm catching a "Miss Beauchamp" leaving ship vibe from the film NOW, VOYAGER starring Bette Davis.

Such intrigue.

wingedman said...

You tease. LOL! Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas dear!!

The pics remind me so much of Pride and Prejudice...who knew that England could produce so many sunny days?

Bodhi said...

Oh .. my .. Brad!

Two days into the New Queer, oops year, and we already have two self-pictures posted by TOA. Sweetie darling sweetie, is this a new years resolution?

*Gasp* Can we dare to believe that we could indeed look forward to a picture of vous being posted every day? Is my shy little hobbit finally beginning to break those self-imposed photographic shackles?

*Sniff*. I'm so proud.

And the hat, you just know that I lurve the hat, right? To paraphrase the immortal worfs of the Rabbit, you indeed "make this look good". Someone obviously has fashion nous and impeccable taste ... oh wait, it was me who first spotted that hat for you in Bondi Junction, wasn't it? ...


Bodhi said...

worfs? Umm, that would be words.

Word Verification: Dutzod. *Giggle*. Indeed it is.

duane said...

I said it on flickr, and I'll say it again; sexy! You make it look good sweetie!

And summer??!?!?! Jealous! Well, actually, I like the cold, but I don't like cold and rainy. Either way... Hope you get the tan that I never got this year!

The Other Andrew said...

"Hope you get the tan that I never got this year!

Hah! Duane, I am the whitest, no pinkest, person on the face of the planet. Think albino mouse, and you kind of have it. I burn, freckle, peel in the sun and I'm one of the few members of my family who hasn't had a skin cancer (touch wood). I bypass all the 15+, 30+ sunscreens and look for the one marked 'balaclava'.

(BTW, Thanks for the 'sexy' compliment! Too sweet.)

Bodes, I though I spotted the hat but you encouraged me to buy it. Whatever! :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Bodes, no daily pics. Ugh, could you imagine? I plan on keeping some readership... think of this as New Year madness.

Bodhi said...

Oh well, maybe the 44 degree heat of Sunday got to you my tanorexic little friend. But me hopes nonetheless there may some more regular pictures of vous here anyways.

If for no other reason (aside from your obvious cuteness, m'kay), than to further guilt that no-photo bitch Mikey into posting some of his own on Pipedreams ;-)

... I'm sure I spotted that hat first, and talked you into buying it ... but lets just agree that we both have fabulous taste, m'kay?

XX (Air Kisses)